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Renishaw Partner With Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center

To assist manufacturers on their Industry 4.0 journey, Renishaw, has partnered with the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT), USA. This applied technology demonstration and training center validates, demonstrates, and assists with the adoption of leading-edge industrial technologies into the global manufacturing supply chain. The two organizations will assist businesses in executing new manufacturing strategies and accelerating the implementation of new digital technologies.

Since 2004, CCAT has helped companies adopt advanced technologies by engaging with industry, educational and community members, providing shared opportunities for all. CCAT is known nationally for applying innovative technology solutions by leveraging its Advanced Technology Centers located in East Hartford, Connecticut. These state-of-the-art centers, identified as the Advanced Design Automation and Metrology Lab (ADAM), the Additive Technology Optimization and Machinery Lab (ATOM) and the Advanced Composite Technology Center (ACTC), provide valuable technology development and demonstrations, in addition to the vital workforce training and upskilling necessary for companies to use advanced technology to its full potential. CCAT’s workforce development initiatives also work to identify, inspire, and prepare talent in underserved and underrepresented communities to ensure manufacturing career opportunities are available to everyone.

Renishaw has provided industrial metrology and additive manufacturing equipment to the center, as well as sales and applications liaisons. Renishaw personnel are available for product demonstrations, webinars, training and support. Renishaw equipment on site includes state-of-the-art Equator™ 300 and Equator 500 programmable gauges. Both devices are programmed to measure airfoil parts printed on site using Renishaw’s metal additive manufacturing systems. Additionally, CCAT and Renishaw provide access and training on a functional Renishaw RenAM series metal additive system, a range of Renishaw machine tool probes performing various in-process checks and an assortment of 5-axis sensor technology on a class-leading co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM).

“Additive manufacturing technologies and the data-driven principles of Industry 4.0 and 5.0 will drive manufacturing technology companies forward in the years ahead,” said Ron Angelo, President and Chief Executive Officer of CCAT. “Renishaw is at the forefront of these technologies, providing advanced manufacturing techniques across multiple industries, such as aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, automotive and medical. CCAT’s work with Renishaw is an example of how technology can be applied to increase efficiency and competitiveness in a global market.”

“Renishaw is extremely focused on addressing the manufacturing challenges of today,” said Ian Raupach, District Sales Manager at Renishaw Inc. He continues, “We work with educational institutions and businesses to train current and future manufacturing professionals on the latest manufacturing technologies to help them secure success. Collaborating with CCAT is a natural way for us to get involved.”

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