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Quality Station Automates 3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering and Digitization

SMARTECH3D has announced the launch of its new ‘ON’ portable ‘entry-level’ scanner. The SMARTECH3D ‘ON’ stereoscopic scanner provides high precision data collection, crucial in reverse engineering, as well as ensuring the delivery of realistic scanning of color texture, necessary in digitalization.

​The SMARTTECH3D ON incorporates an aluminum housing with carbon fiber construction providing resistance to thermal changes. Stereoscopic measurement, using two high-class detectors, perform structured light measurements which allows the elimination of measurement noise, and uses bi-directional projection of fringes, guaranteeing a more precise representation of sharp edges of the measured objects.

High-Accuracy 3D Scanning

The SMARTTECH3D ON scanner is factory-calibrated and certified by the according to the VDI/VDE 2634 guidelines. Measurement accuracy (40 -60 microns depending on model) can be additionally confirmed by a certificate supplied from an an independent accredited metrology laboratory.

Detailed Reproduction of Fine Details

The resolution of the new 3D scanner allows for increasing the efficiency of scanning objects with a high degree of complexity and fully automates the entire process.

Fully Automated 3D Scanning

The configured SMARTTECH3D Quality Station offers a comprehensive solution for quality control of geometrically complex objects. With the integration of the optical 3D scanner with a tilt-rotate table, the system allows for automatic, precise measurement of objects. The SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software, allows instant comparison of the measured part with the reference CAD model and generation of an individual control report. The Quality Station hardware-software combination enables the user to fully automate their entire inspection process from one mounting position and without need for operator intervention during the scanning process.

The SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software allows the user to immediately start a comprehensive process of digitizing the object to be captured. SMARTTECH3Dmeasure guides the user through scanning and data processing up to a closed model ready for 3D printing or final control report in PDF format. Due to unique data management algorithms the software ensures smooth work with massive clouds of points (over 300 million) on standard laptops. The built-in function of adjusting the projection intensity and other measurement parameters make it possible to scan objects with a dark or glossy surface.

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