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Protomar Mini Redefines Absolute Measurement for Grinding Machines

In an era of ever-increasing demands on machine tools, the need for smaller yet more powerful and flexible machines has become a reality. Marposs’ Protomar Mini is a revolutionary measuring gauge specifically designed to meet this trend for grinding machines and all flexible machine tools. Protomar Mini’s compact design addresses the challenges introduced by machines with limited space. It can fit into smaller grinder machines without compromising performance, ensuring every inch of valuable workspace is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Providing Absolute Measurements

 The versatility of Protomar Mini shines through its application in multi-diameter machines, such as grinders for broaches or turbine blades. Whether it’s for a new machine or an upgrade to an existing system, Protomar Mini offers a flexible solution that excels in accuracy and flexibility. What sets Protomar gauges apart is their ability to eliminate the setup zeroing procedure on a master workpiece, distinguishing them from conventional measurement systems. Protomar Mini provides absolute measurements across its 100 mm range, eliminating the need for retooling when changing diameters. Operators can now experience exceptional measurement performance, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and significant reductions in setup time.

Additionally, Protomar Mini is fully integrated into the Marposs BLÚ system – an advanced one-cable control network. This system connects all monitoring sensors within a machine, using a single bus cable, bringing unparalleled efficiency and simplicity to the overall setup and maintenance. It enables the export of big data rom all connected sensors, facilitating machine analysis and enhanced control.

With all of these advantages, Protomar Mini emerges as an ideal choice for machine makers and rebuilders seeking unparalleled accuracy performances. As the industry embraces compact machines with increased capabilities, Protomar Mini can enable operators to achieve new heights of productivity and efficiency.

Protomar Mini will be showcased on the Marposs Booth at the upcoming EMO 2023 exhibition.

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