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Proposed Test Method Supports Grasp Strength in Robotics

ASTM International’s robotics, automation, and autonomous systems committee (F45) is developing a proposed standard on grasp strength of robot end-effectors.

The proposed standard (WK83863) is a test method for evaluating grasp strength of these end-effectors, which will reveal capabilities of robotic hands, including limits of payload size and resistance to pull/push forces during operation. The test method will apply to two major grasp types: pinch and wrap.

According to ASTM International member Joe Falco, the assessment method, and several others to come, will help the robotics community in many ways. “These grasp-type end-effector performance standards will be useful to producers of these technologies as methods to characterize their performance, ultimately helping both end-users and integrators to match capabilities to application needs,” notes Falco. “Additionally, researchers and developers will benefit from a common set of benchmarks for improving end-effector designs.”

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of the new standard.

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