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ProGage Touch Precision Thickness Tester Launched

Thwing-Albert, a provider of physical testing instrumentation, has announced the launch of their latest Thickness Tester, the ProGage Touch. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of quality control and research and development, the ProGage Touch is an advanced micrometer that offers exceptional precision and accuracy.

The ProGage Touch is specifically engineered to evaluate the thickness of various materials, including plastic film, paper, paperboard, nonwovens, tissue, and textiles, among others. By providing accurate thickness data, customers can optimize the performance of materials in real-life applications such as product packaging, shipping materials and emerging sustainable alternatives like plant-based plastic films.

Highly Accurate and Reliable Measurements

Unlike handheld micrometers, the ProGage Touch controls the amount of pressure being exerted on the test specimen through a combination of the pressure foot contact area and deadweight, ensuring highly accurate and reliable measurements.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, the new ProGage Touch incorporates several notable enhancements. A user-friendly touchscreen interface offers intuitive navigation of the setup options, parameter configuration, and ease of reviewing test results and analysis. Committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Thwing-Albert has designed the ProGage Touch with an ergonomic frame, providing simplified control during operation. The sturdy construction of the frame ensures outstanding parallelism, stability, and precise calibration.

The importance of thickness testing cannot be overstated as it directly influences the performance of materials in their final products. The ProGage Touch provides instant on-screen access to crucial thickness data and offers multiple reporting options, including USB connectivity and software integration. The system can store up to 99 tests, and results can be quickly viewed, including statistical data encompassing the average, high, low, and standard deviation values.

Touchscreen Interface Offers Intuitive Interaction

Key features of the ProGage Touch include a reduced minimum pressure, adjustable parameters (such as measurement speed, dwell time, opening distance, and return speed), interchangeable pressure feet and weights. The ProGage Touch can also create password-protected user profiles, ensuring restricted access to specific screen views and parameter modification. The touchscreen interface offers seamless and intuitive interaction. Test modes and units of measure can be changed quickly, while the calculations are instantly updated across all data and reports.

To further enhance the testing process, Thwing-Albert offers MAP4 Materials Testing Software. This powerful software has already demonstrated its value with Thwing-Albert’s other testing instruments, such as the VantageNX, FP-2260 Friction/Peel, ProTear Elmendorf Tear, and the Handle-O-Meter, and is now available for the ProGage Touch. The utilization of MAP4 provides users with additional data analysis, graphing, data storage and recall. MAP4 provides insight as to how the thickness of material is changing over the programmed dwell time to better understand the effect of pressure on the material.

The ProGage Touch presents an excellent opportunity for customers to expand their testing capabilities by upgrading their existing models that have been trusted staples in manufacturing plants for many years. The redesigned ProGage Touch provides a more spacious workspace, allowing laboratory technicians in quality control or research and development to conduct tests with maximum efficiency. The instrument now features an interactive system-aided calibration process, usability. Additionally, users can store their own configurable test methods for quick recall, enabling compliance with various industry standards, including ASTM, ISO, NWSP, and TAPPI.

With the ProGage Touch, businesses can confidently meet industry quality standards and maintain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace. Thwing-Albert’s commitment to delivering advanced thickness testing technology, an intuitive touchscreen interface, and robust construction ensures that the ProGage Touch is an effective solution for quality control as well as research and development for a variety of materials in labs all over the world.

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