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Production Line Augmented Reality Startup Raises Funding

Augmented worker platform KIT-AR has secured €2m ($2.1m) in a seed funding round for its production line technology. KIT-AR’s lean manufacturing / poka-yoke tools empower shopfloor workers to reduce and sometimes eliminate errors and waste in production lines.

Augmented reality (AR), which overlays graphics onto the real world via a screen or glasses, is being embraced by some areas of manufacturing industry to assist in the ellimination of errors..

UK-based KIT-AR uses AR along with artificial intelligence (AI) to help employees on a production line to spot, track and minimise production errors. The company says that its AR technology can be used within the automotive, aerospace and electronics manufacturing sectors.

“We hear about the perils of automation and the rise of the robots, but the reality is less drastic. Augmented workers are already developing synergies between man and machine to harness new strengths and overcome their shortcomings,” said Manuel Oliveira, CEO, KIT-AR.

Founded in 2018, KIT-AR was originally spun out of University College London and Norwegian research institute SINTEF. The company has offices in both the UK and Portugal.

João Dias, principal, Armilar Venture Partners, said: “Frontline workers of industrial companies are being faced with increasing challenges, particularly having to execute more complex instructions in less time, potentially generating production downtimes and defects. Augmenting those frontline workers with tech-based tools is crucial.”

KIT-AR, we are continuously learning how to reduce errors and deliver increase the quality in our results. For this to happen, we need to better understand others and continuously help them improve beyond their potential, through the simplest way possible.

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