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PrimerMaster Pro Provides Process Control for Primer Dispensing

Coherix,, a global leader in innovative three-dimensional (3D) adaptive process control for dispensing applications, has recently released PrimerMaster Pro. This new product inspects the width and location of primer applied on glass in the automotive manufacturing process.

PrimerMaster Pro provides a complete in-line inspection and process control solution to the primer dispensing process by reducing process variation, minimizing production down time caused by robot re-programming and improving product quality. Rugged, reliable and on-the-fly inspection during the dispensing process guarantees quality without slowing down production.

The proper application of primer is critical to the automotive glazing process to ensure that urethane sticks to the glass. Embedded with Coherix proprietary solution software, PrimerMaster Pro gives real-time information on clear and black primer width and location, and detects skips with no external computer needed. This new Coherix product is not affected by ambient lighting changes, yielding robust operation where traditional 2D camera techniques fail. With 100% inspection of primer, PrimerMaster Pro can provide just-in-time tip changing indication, which optimizes the life of the dispensing tip and reduces operating expenses.

“PrimerMaster Pro is a game changer for automotive glass assembly,” said Dwight Carlson, CEO and Chairman of Coherix, Inc. “To be able to measure primer is quite the challenge as it evaporates rapidly, but our newest product does just that. The importance of primer application cannot be overlooked, it is essential for the urethane bead to stick to the glass, which helps avoid leaks and ensures structural integrity of the vehicle.”   

With PrimerMaster Pro, Coherix provides the most advanced solution, enabling customers to prevent scrap and increase yields, while avoiding false rejects by optimizing their primer dispensing process.

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