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Portable Arm 3D Scanning Provides Universal Data

NBC Universal reached out to the metrology sector looking for a way to verify the assembly of The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios. The challenge for NBC Universal was to gather location data for the Simpson Ride assembly but did the organization did not have either the metrology equipment or the specialist understanding of how to review generated measurement data.

The metrology challenge for the selected measurement partner, Eminence Metrology, was that the ride vehicle could not be moved and the inspection had to be performed onsite on at Universal Studios. The NBC engineers had plenty of experience with creating CAD and assemblies but never had the opportunity to understand the tools required to perform the inspection.

The Eminence Metrology solution was to use a 3D scanner integrated portable Romer Arm along with PC-DMIS software. “The Simpsons Ride vehicle was somewhat large but with the combination of 3D scanning and probing the project was a breeze” comments Andrew Aguillon of Eminence Metrology.

“We utilized the probing capabilities of the arm to lock in our alignments then with an easy switch of one button we began scanning to gather the remaining inspection data. 3D scanning allowed us to gather more data in less time. Not only does this save time it allows for more accurate data.”

“While probing large assemblies the operator tends to be fatigued which may cause some error with contact probing. Scanning allows the operator to perform the project in less time leaving them with more energy to complete their project. Our preferred metrology software PC-DMIS allows us to export this inspection data and create heavily customized reports” further comments Andrew.

After a brief explanation of how PC-DMIS could provide reports and export data NBC Universal requested both linear & location reports and an export of the point cloud 3D scan data. NBC utilized the scan data to further perform reverse engineering and to make official rework orders for the Simpsons Ride assembly.

NBC was amazed at how simple the inspection could be performed with the proper equipment and technical support.

Eminence Metrology, established in 2017, is dedicated to providing manufacturing industries the highest level of quality assurance services.

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