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Partnership Develops ISO Geometric Product Specification Training

Mahr GmbH and Festo Didactic SE have joined forces and developed a brand new, comprehensive training concept for the field of ISO/GPS – ISO Geometric Product Specification. Employees in metrology as well as in production planning, design and manufacturing are to benefit from the results of this cooperation. The new digital learning program will be available from mid-May 2023.

Both cooperation partners are established figures in their industries: Mahr GmbH has specialized in the development and production of professional metrology worldwide for over 160 years. Festo Didactic SE, as part of the Festo Group, is the world’s leading qualification provider in the field of technical education and training.

ISO Geometric Product Specification

This jointly developed training course addresses the ISO/GPS – ISO Geometric Product Specification size, form and location and covers ISO 8015/ ISO 1101/ ISO 14405/ ISO 2692/ ISO 5459, among others. The course is available in German or English and consists of seven modules, which include learning videos, e-learnings and exercises for self-testing. Depending on the module, the time allotted is between 45 and 120 minutes. This overview training on form and position tolerancing is relevant for employees in the fields of metrology, production planning, design and manufacturing.

In this equal cooperation, both partners have combined knowledge and experience to develop a comprehensive, practical training program. In close cooperation, the content expertise of Mahr GmbH was merged with the didactic expertise for sustainable digital learning of Festo Didactic. Dr. Christoph Blum, who has been with Mahr since 2017 and heads the Mahr Academy, contributed the content expertise. The graduate mathematician and physicist earned his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization and has been a trainer for AUKOM e.V. for several years. He has also been an elected member of the AUKOM board since March 2022. With his experience as a trainer and training provider, Blum guides the participants through the individual modules of the training by means of learning videos and e-learnings.

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