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Outstanding Measuring Precision Enables Cell Improved Product Development

Cell Impact is a global supplier of advanced flow plates to manufacturers of fuel cells and electrolyzers. The company has developed and patented a unique method for high velocity forming, Cell Impact Forming which is significantly more scalable and cost-efficient compared to conventional forming methods.

Flow plates for fuel cells are created by forming very thin sheets of metal with high velocity, in a single stroke, to create complex patterns. Extreme precision is required for the finished flow plate to work. With new measuring technology Cell Impact has the unique capability to measure with accuracty to microns.

To secure the best possible conditions, the measuring facility is built as a separate entity within the factory in Karlskoga, Sweden. The slightest vibrations affect the measurement result – as do changes in temperature. Therefore, there is no contact between the room and external walls and the temperature is kept at 20 degrees around the clock, with a permissible variation of 0.4 degrees.

The measuring equipment is used to measure flow plates, forming tools and fixtures.

As far as we know, these are unique measuring instruments. Separate instruments and sensors are found elsewhere, but nowhere are they combined in the same equipment. The latest unit we installed has a starting error of 0.28 micron, which means we can measure details down to one-twentieth of a single strand of hair, says Jonas Tausis, Senior metrology engineer.

The investment in new measurement technology is part of Phase II, Cell Impact’s strategy to develop its offering and productivity, which aims to better satisfy the customers’ development objectives. The instruments include Hexagon Global Blue 7.10.7, Hexagon Global Blue 12.22.10 and Leitz PMM Gold 7.7.5, and gives Cell Impact better opportunities to measure complex geometries quickly, accurately, and continuously.

“This means that we can help the customer with their product development by linking the reliable measurement results of the geometric properties of the flow plate with the actual efficiency of the fuel cells. This helps us and the customers to take a clear, world-leading position in the hydrogen industry”, says Daniel Vallin, Chief Operating Officer.

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