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Optimized Laser Sensor For Structured and Metallic Surfaces

Micro-Epsilon’s optoNCDT 1900LL sensors are designed for distance measurements on metallic and structured surfaces. The sensors use a small laser line in order to achieve precise measurements on inhomogeneous surfaces.

optoNCDT 1900LL laser sensors are primarily used in factory automation, electronics production, robotics and the automotive industry. This is where they perform high precision measurements on metallic, rough and structured surfaces with measuring ranges of 10 mm and 25 mm.

A special cylindrical lens expands the normal point of light to an oval-shaped light spot. Optical averaging via the oval light spot compensates for unevenness of the surface. In addition, the signal is optimized via intelligent software algorithms.

The laser line reveals its major strength with measurement tasks that involve a pure distance change in the z-axis. With movements in the x- or y-axes, the measurement values are more stable than those from comparable point sensors.

Another special feature is the combination of compact size, high speed and accuracy. The sensors operate with high dynamics and a high measuring rate, unique resistance to ambient light and very fast exposure control.

The optoNCDT LL laser sensors are available in several series with different measuring ranges, measuring rates and accuracies. They are used for precise distance measurements on structured surfaces.

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