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Optikos Announces New ColliMeter Distance Measurement Tool

Optikos has announced the release of their ColliMeter measurement system for the precise setup and qualification of collimators. For over 30 years, Optikos has manufactured, aligned, and installed refractive and reflective collimators utilizing this technology as part of their OpTest testing product line. Until recently, this equipment was reserved for internal use, but in response to numerous customer requests, Optikos is now offering this instrumentation for sale under the ColliMeter brand. From the visible to the long wave infrared, and from small to large aperture systems, customers are now able to precisely set the collimation of a source object, or to determine the apparent distance of a projected object.

“The release of our ColliMeter system is a natural progression in the metrology offerings at Optikos,” said Daniel Orband, Director of Engineering at Optikos. “Our quest to generate the best possible wavefronts on equipment ranging from our standard OpTest systems to missile seeker test stations, and from our compact Meridian target projectors to the tracking telescopes at Cape Canaveral has led to the development of sophisticated alignment apparatus and techniques. We’re happy to share the precision instrumentation we use in-house with our customers to ensure the proper setup of their own collimators and target projectors.”

The ColliMeter instrument comes in two configurations; the ColliMeter 350 for larger collimators in which the beam is horizontal and the instrument is brought to the collimating system, and the benchtop ColliMeter 50 in which smaller target projectors are mounted vertically on the instrument. Both systems utilize the new Optikos ColliMetric software application that has been written specifically to support the ColliMeter instrument family.

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