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Onto Innovation Debuts Firefly G3 Panel-level Packaging Inspection System

Onto Innovation has announced the launch of the new Firefly G3 inspection and metrology system for automated process control during high volume production of panel-level substrates. The Firefly G3 system was shipped to a tier one customer supporting a variety of AI chiplet based panel-level packages with several additional customers expected to take delivery in the first half of 2024.

The Firefly G3 system’s inspection and metrology capabilities uniquely complement Onto’s JetStep family of panel-level lithography systems, using proprietary feed-forward and feedback software, providing high-resolution data to optimize layer-over-layer overlay accuracy throughout all layers on each side of the panel being processed, a unique capability in improving current panel performance and yield..

“The Firefly G3 system, when combined with Onto’s Clearfind technology and TrueADC software, replaces multiple tools and operators used for defect review and classification, which enables customers to improve yields and increase their panel substrate throughput,” says Mayson Brooks, vice president and general manager of Onto’s inspection business. “Manufacturers using manual inspection methods for defect review utilize multiple human inspectors to identify and reject critical defects while categorizing minor and negligible defects that are subject to human error.”

“The flexibility of the Firefly G3 system is further demonstrated by uniquely serving a wide range of applications, such as the detection of under-film bubbles and particles. If these defects are not found at an early stage, they lead to shorts and opens later in the manufacturing process,” adds Brooks.

This next-generation Firefly system goes beyond 2D inspection and metrology by supporting additional process control steps through the introduction of 3D metrology sensors. With the new-generation 3D sensors, the system can measure film thicknesses and the height of metal RDL lines. The addition of these sensors allows customers to collect critical data required to mature their process in a shorter amount of time.

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