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Onto Innovation Announces Customer Selection of Comprehensive Integrated Metrology Suite

Onto Innovation has announced $85 million in orders from a 3D NAND manufacturer for its integrated OCD and thin film metrology suite with deliveries beginning in 2022 and into the first half of 2023.

Orders for Onto’s products comprise an innovative metrology suite earning ‘tool of record’ status, which includes the Atlas V metrology system for complex 3D structures, the new Iris planar thin films metrology system, the IMPULSE integrated metrology system and the MetaPULSE hard mask metrology system.

“We are able to solve new metrology challenges for advanced 3D NAND devices by integrating multiple data streams into our AI Diffract software, meeting more stringent control requirements for both the CMP budget and amorphous carbon hard mask thickness/etch selectivity. Additionally, we can significantly accelerate customer process development with faster recipe creation by using the same AI Diffract platform across multiple systems,” commented Rodney Smedt, vice president and general manager of the metrology business.

Onto Innovation provides a full suite of products across different phases for our customers’ product ramping stages. In the early R&D phase, the Atlas product offers complete metrology functionality for all device layers. As our customers move to the production phase, they have options to seamlessly transfer certain application layers to the Iris product to reduce their overall capital investment. Atlas and Iris products can provide backups for each other, and provide significant savings on customer investment, floor space, and engineering training.

Smedt added, “In addition to higher performance, maximizing the value of assets is critical as processes change over time. With Onto Innovation’s metrology platform, customers have the ability to optimize their process control strategy for cost and performance. As a customer’s demands change over time our platforms are field upgradeable allowing for a longer return on their Onto Innovation investment. This cost-effective design approach achieves lower cost of ownership by using the flexible upgradability of the Iris system to redeploy existing capital assets rather than purchasing additional systems. In addition, the Iris system can be initially configured with either spectroscopic ellipsometry or reflectometry, depending on the specific films being measured.”

At Onto Innovation, we have earned our customers’ business by offering products that are connected solutions that work with one another, from the Atlas V and Iris systems to the integrated metrology of the IMPULSE system. All three incorporate AI Diffract software to create a unique hybrid metrology solution.

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