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On-Machine Gauging System Provides Real-Time Tool Compensation

BLUM Bore gauges are used for fast and automatic measurement of bore features in machining centers and transfer lines. Specially designed for the harsh conditions in these machines, the IP67 rated systems are an effective solution for improving workpiece accuracy and machining productivity. The gauges offer extremely precise measuring results using machine-independent measurement.

The measuring heads are manufactured specially for the required bore diameter with gauges available from 3 – 200 mm as standard with larger available on request. Resolution is 12 Bit / 0,15 µm. The measuring head mechanism is based on floating principle providing precision independent of position. Bespoke solution can be designed with up to 8 individual measuring elements.

Incorporating wireless data transmission between the BLUM gauge and the machine tool the compact receiver systems incorporates the latest transmission technologies.

The BLUM Model BG60 offers bore diameter gauging while the model BG61 offers bore diameter, circularity and concentricity measurements.

The on-machine gauging system offers instant process control with calculation of tool compensation values and elimination of costly post-process measuring stations. Simple connection to machine control is via Profibus or Ethernet. The system allows the management of test plans with up to 40 characteristics and offers Q-DAS data export.

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