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Nordson Test & Inspection Unveils Next-Generation X-Ray Inspection System

Nordson Test & Inspection has announced the unveiling its new Quadra Pro 7 Manual X-Ray Inspection (MXI) system.

Setting a new industry benchmark for 3D/2D manual inspection in back-end semiconductor applications, the MXI Quadra 7 Pro system revolutionizes the inspection experience with its revolutionary Onyx detector technology. This advancement ensures exceptional image clarity and reduced noise levels, ultimately translating to elevated levels of precision and efficiency.

The Quadra 7 Pro’s high-performance capabilities are further augmented by the introduction of the Dual Mode Quadra NT4 tube that provides unprecedented flexibility. This innovative technology offers both brightness and resolution modes, enabling operators to seamlessly transition between them according to specific application requirements. This ensures optimal results for a wide spectrum of semiconductor inspection needs.

The Quadra 7 Pro offers an elevated user experience with the introduction of the newly developed Revalution software, thoughtfully engineered for high-end semiconductor applications. Boasting an intuitive interface, optimized workflow, and expanded functionality, the Revalution software empowers operators to efficiently analyze and interpret inspection data. This feature facilitates quicker decision-making and improved overall productivity.

“We are excited to unveil our next-generation MXI system, powered by the latest generation QuadraNT4 tube and new Onyx detector,” said Christopher Rand, MXI Product Manager, Nordson Test & Inspection. “We continue to advance our hardware and software technology to provide our customers superior, industry-leading solutions that address their challenging inspection needs – all to improve their yields, processes and productivity. The new Quadra Pro 7 is a leap ahead.”

Coupled with the advanced technology powering the Quadra Pro 7, the new Revaluation software is designed for high-end semiconductor applications and enables an exceptional user experience with an intuitive interface, optimized workflow and enhanced functionality.

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