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New Touch Probe Offers 3D Machining Accuracy and Speed

To meet the needs of high accuracy machinists, HEIDENHAIN recently introduced the new TS 760 touch probe for use with its contouring TNC and other major CNC controls. This device is distinguished by extraordinary 3D accuracy making it especially useful during 5-axis machining and more.

The new TS 760 probe offers extremely high accuracy (±1 µm) and homogeneous switching behavior over 360°. And for 3D measurement, the feed rate/probing speed of 1 m/min is four times faster than other commercially available products that offer the same impressive repeatability of (2σ ≤ 0.25 µm).

The TS 760 also offers an ultra-low trigger force of (≈ 0.2 N; axial: ≈ 1.5 N) eliminating form and surface damage.  And if desired, the probing point can be cleaned with the integrated flusher feature by using compressed air and cooling lubricant of up to 60 bars.

The new probe system uses a superior EnDat communication signal, along with the SE 661 that offers a radio or infrared channel selection conveniently setup on the TNC screen.  And HEIDENHAIN offers local integration service to upgrade to the next level Touch Probe technology even on non-HEIDENHAIN CNCs.

Regarding its functions, the TS 760 is fully compatible with HEIDENHAIN’s TS 740 predecessor and provides the same additional data as the TS 460.

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