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New Scale Robotics Expands Cobot Measuring Team

New Scale Robotics has announced the expansion of its sales and marketing team to capture opportunities in the fast-growing market for industrial automation, particularly in the use of collaborative robots for quality control in high-mix, small batch manufacturing companies.

Stefan Friedrich has been promoted to Marketing Manager of New Scale Robotics. He joined New Scale Technologies in 2016 as a sales person for the company’s precision micro-mechatronic products, moving to the New Scale Robotics division when it was launched in 2018. He has been instrumental in developing and executing the division’s sales and marketing strategies, including partnerships with Universal Robots and its distributors. Friedrich has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from SUNY Brockport.

Fred Haas has joined the company as Sales Manager of New Scale Robotics. He has more than 30 years of experience in technical sales of precision motion systems, instruments, and components. He was most recently President of Haas Technical Sales, supporting customers in electrophysiology, metrology, and OEM manufacturing. He was sales manager at New Scale Technologies in its start-up years from 2004-2009, and has additional experience at Melles Griot, Exfo Burleigh, Burleigh Instruments, and Newport Corporation.

The New Scale Robotics NSR-PG-10-20-URe Gripper/Caliper and NSR-MTM-3-URe Multi-Tool Mount are Universal Robot certified and the company is a Certified System Integrator for Universal Robots.

The NSR-PG-10-20-URe Gripper/Caliper is the smallest parallel gripper and the first robotic digital caliper for collaborative robots. It leverages the UR e-Series’ high-speed RS-485 interface to deliver measurement precision of 2.5 µm (.0001 inch) and enable control of multiple tools on one robot.

The NSR-MTM-3-URe Multi-Tool Mount allows up to three tools to be mounted and controlled on UR’s smallest e-Series robots, including the UR3e. This allows the robot to perform multiple processes with fewer large moves, improving throughput and productivity.

Both components are part of New Scale Robotics’ new Q-Span Workstations, combining robotic pick-and-place with automated measurement of small parts and logging of data for analysis. Configured with a UR3e collaborative robot, Q‑Span Workstations easily integrate into existing workflows in the QC lab or on the production floor of high-mix, small-batch manufacturing environments. Q-Span Workstations allow QC teams to automate the tedious manual process of measuring parts, improving throughput and data accuracy.

Q-Span Automated Small-Part Measurement Systems help customers reduce errors, increase throughput, and better utilize skilled labor in QC measurement inspection. Q-Span Systems automate part handling, digital caliper measurements and QC data logging with one easy-to-use robotic workstation. Q-Span Workstations fit into existing work spaces and workflows and deliver ROI in less than 10 months.

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