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New ‘Q’ DRO Offers Integrated Geometric Metrology Functions

A new metrology-focused digital readout by ACU-RITE will be introduced in the HEIDENHAIN booth at IMTS in Chicago (September 12-17). The new ACU-RITE DRO203Q known as ‘The Q’ utilizes the power of the established ACU-RITE DRO203 hardware to integrate geometric metrology functions from the past iconic QUADRA-CHEK series.

Users of optical comparators and measuring microscopes will find ‘Q’ of particular interest as it meets the need for basic 2-D metrology functions. The Q functions as an entry-level readout, providing users with geometric feature construction, basic part view detail and data output via USB-C connection enabling users to quickly gather the needed points, construct desired features, and export them easily over a modern interface.

The ACU-RITE DRO203Q is plug-and-play, walking the user through initial set up parameters and display options on first power-up.

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