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New Generation Length Gauges Provide Reliable Inspection

A new generation of length gauges was recently introduced. The METRO and SPECTO gauges will run under the brand NUMERIK JENA. This member of the HEIDENHAIN Corporate Group has applied its expertise in compact measuring devices and miniaturization to redesign the length gauges. The new models are much slimmer, enabling a significant reduction in overall station width opening up new horizons for multi-gauging fixture design, including a greater number of measuring points.

Versatility was a high priority while developing the new generation of length gauges. Their standardized platform design with multiple variants provides an adaptable modular system able to meet nearly any requirements in production metrology, quality assurance, measuring equipment monitoring and position measurement.

The mutual mounting compatibility of the new METRO and SPECTO length gauges offer the possibility of using different variants in a single application, increases versality during the initial setup of a measuring station and facilitates adaptations within existing setups while reducing cost and effort. Further benefits include robustness and consistently high accuracy across the entire measuring range, resulting in high measurement reliability.

Customers can select the sensor characteristics they need:

– Accuracy grade: ±0.5 µm (METRO) or ±1.0 µm (SPECTO)

– Measuring length: 12 mm or 30 mm

– Shaft diameter: standardized at 8 mm for both measuring lengths

– Connector outlet: axial or radial

– Plunger actuation: pneumatic or spring-loaded

– Communication interface: 1 VPP or TTL

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