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New CMM Sales Platform Announced By Verisurf

Verisurf Software, Inc has introduced a new sales platform where customers can source new and pre-owned CMMs powered by Verisurf software. All machines are calibrated and certified and include Verisurf CMM Programming and Inspection Suite software.

“Verisurf is committed to selling measurement and inspection solutions based on customer requirements. Though our preference is to provide new machines with the latest technology, if budget or application calls for pre-owned equipment, there are plenty of excellent CMMs available,” said Terry Wear, Director of CMM Integration for Verisurf Software, Inc. CMMs are made to last; many have heavy granite bases, rigid gantry designs, and frictionless air bearings, making them a good investment when paired with the right software. “Software is the key to realizing the full potential of any CMM, especially when it comes to 5-axis CNC CMMs. Verisurf is the industry leader in this area of CMM programming,” added Wear.

Model-Based Digital Continuity

All CMMs, new and pre-owned, can be operated by Verisurf software. Verisurf is the only metrology software built on a full-featured 3D CAD/CAM platform with intelligent Model-Based Definition (MBD). This ensures data integrity and lets users perform metrology workflows in a seamless CAD environment while maintaining model-based digital continuity.

Verisurf software supports all CAD file formats, and the Verisurf Device Interface (VDI), with virtual CMM display, communicates with and operates all programmable and portable CMMs for universal compatibility. The software’s modular design, ease of CMM programming, and built-in productivity tools let users quickly create measurement routines using efficient and repeatable workflows for quality process control.

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