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NanoTube N3 Offers Highest X-ray Resolution Up To 160 kV

Excillum has announced the launch of their latest development – a new generation high-resolution X-ray tubes. The Excillum NanoTube N3, initially available in 3 different versions, enables the world’s best resolution up to 160 kV.

“We are very excited to launch our latest development, the NanoTube N3, that will provide both industries and research facilities with an on-premise X-ray source with unprecedented resolution across the full voltage range. TheNanoTube N3 will open up new possibilities for all applications requiring the ultimate X-ray resolution,” says David Lindblom, CEO of Excillum.

The NanoTube N3 is specifically targeted towards advanced industries’ metrology and non-destructive testing (NDT) of components in automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics and semiconductor back end. The NanoTube N3 combines the world’s leading resolution with industrial-grade throughput and speed – thereby enabling a resolution revolution.

Furthermore, the NanoTube N3 features fully automated spot size control and exceptional spot stability over time which makes the X-ray source an optimal component for integration into advanced software-controlled and AI-supported inspection systems.

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