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Nano Dimension Announces New Patent For Cloud Manufacturing Platform

Nano Dimension, a supplier of Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) and multi-dimensional polymer, metal & ceramic Additive Manufacturing (AM) 3D printers, recently announced it has been granted a patent in the area of artificial intelligence (AI), and more specifically relating to the neural network that supports its cloud-based manufacturing platform.

The granted patent relates to ‘Cluster-Connected Neural Network.’ It includes an extensive list of claims involving training and deployment of neural networks. This patent and the technology around it allow DeepCube AI solutions to run more effectively on a distributed network of 3D printers deployed throughout the world. This model for manufacturing is ever more critical as the manufacturing enabled by Nano Dimension will be more and more decentralized; thus, the technology has to run effectively wherever it may be.

This patent adds to an existing library under DeepCube, which now has 20 granted and 25 filed pending. Nano Dimension as a whole has over 81 granted and 194 filed pending.

DeepCube develops the AI/Deep Learning engine for Nano Dimension’s Additive Manufacturing printers for metal, ceramic, and electronics. DeepCube’s pioneering software inference accelerator drastically improves performance on additive manufacturing hardware.

DeepCube applies the same neutral network training behind photo and speech recognition advancements to the manufacturing of parts. Multiple sensors can spot defects too small for the human eye and improve part quality. Additionally, AI-driven decision making corrects printing errors in real time and increase manufacturing yield and throughput.

DeepCube’s propriety algorithms increase the speeds of data analysis tenfold, making it the only hardware performance accelerator of its kind. Memory usage reduction is achieved by overcoming the infrastructure, energy, and memory limitations of previous AI models for low-cost deployment.

DeepCube transforms 3D printers into a viable global solution for the demands of Industry 4.0. This is a core part of the Company’s strategy, as evident by the acquisition of DeepCube in April 2021. These patents are a leading example of how deep learning-based AI is laying the foundation for the Company in developing leading additive manufacturing solutions.

Yoav Stern, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nano Dimension, shared: “When we acquired DeepCube, it was under the premise that 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, was ripe for disruption with AI. With this in mind, we have and continue to see deep learning-based AI as a key to driving the throughput and yield improvements that will take our advanced manufacturing solutions to the next level. These patents, and the others like them, are clear examples of the hard work that is coming to fruition. It is difficult to imagine these achievements without the Deep Learning dedicated leaders we have in our DeepCube Group. Our customers are noticing the difference that these technologies enable.”

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