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MSI Viking Announces Training Services Partnership

MSI Viking, a leading metrology company in North America, has announced a new partnership with QC Training Services, North America’s leading Quality and Technical Training company. The collaboration aims to expand the coverage of quality topics and provide industry players with valuable insights and training opportunities.

QC Training Services has a long-standing commitment to delivering high-quality training and consultation services. With over three decades of experience in on-site auditing and ISO implementation projects, their team of expert consultants has helped numerous organizations achieve their quality goals.

Anish Shah, Owner and President from QC Training Services, shared his thoughts on the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with MSI Viking to further enhance our offerings and meet the diverse needs of our customers. This collaboration allows us to provide a broader portfolio of workshops with fresh and relevant content, ensuring our position as the most trustworthy training company in North America.”

One of the key strengths of QC Training Services is their comprehensive coverage of quality topics. While their portfolio is broad, there are five areas that generate the most interest among industry players. These areas include Quality 101, Print Reading, Dimensional Measurement Tools, GD&T, and Root Cause Analysis. With their extensive expertise in these areas along with other technical and quality concepts, QC Training Services is well-equipped to provide valuable education and training.

Additionally, QC Training Services will be heavily promoting the Application of Metrology Fundamentals, a topic that holds great importance in the manufacturing process. This workshop provides participants with a basic understanding of metrology basics, lab practices, programming principles, training, and ongoing education.

The partnership with QC Training Services further strengthens MSI Viking’s commitment to delivering top-quality training and consultation services. By joining forces, both organizations can leverage their expertise and provide industry players with unparalleled resources and support.

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