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Modular Fixtures Provide Work Holding Flexibility for Measurement Applications

Rapid product innovation and shorter product lifecycles mean that flexible fixturing is more valuable than ever. Renishaw’s modular fixturing range is designed for work holding flexibility; components can be configured and reconfigured to secure the latest iteration of a workpiece.

The Renishaw range of modular fixtures hold parts securely on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), the Renishaw Equator gauging system and vision systems. Using high-quality metrology fixtures can improve throughput, reproducibility and accuracy of inspection processes with repeatable fixturing set-ups.

Maximise Inspection Throughput While Maintaining Flexibility

Fixturing components can be purchased in preconfigured kits or individually, providing a quick and easy-to-use fixturing solution. To secure a workpiece of any size, fixturing components are available in M4, M6, M8 and ¼ 20 thread sizes. Our cast aluminium base plates come with a NiTuff hard coat anodised coating.

To minimise unproductive set-up time, whilst maintaining fixturing flexibility, workpieces can be fixtured on a base plate away from the CMM, vision machine or Equator gauging system. The fixtured workpiece can be loaded onto the inspection device with ease, immediately prior to measurement.

Filling the measurement area of a CMM with multiple fixtured parts is another way to minimise set-up time. Multiple workpieces on the CMM bed can be measured in one batch, without the need to start and stop the measurement cycle to load more fixtured workpieces.

Renishaw’s FixtureBuilder 3D CAD software

For CMM users that need a fast, easy and repeatable method of loading multiple plates onto the CMM at the same time, Renishaw supplies the QuickLoad rail system. The specially designed QuickLoad base plates locate to the QuickLoad rail, on either side, using quick release magnets and location pins. This design ensures the plates are located and secured for maximum throughput and unrivalled repeatability.

Renishaw’s FixtureBuilder 3D CAD software can be used to design and document any modular fixture using Renishaw components including multi-plate fixtures using QuickLoad rail. Once the fixture is designed, the software can output build instructions, allowing operators to swiftly and accurately reproduce a fixture design. The software also allows users to export a model of the fixtured component, for use in measurement programming software.

If a modular fixture is not appropriate for a CMM, Equator gauging system or vision application, custom solutions can be designed and manufactured by Renishaw’s expert team of custom fixture design engineers. Custom fixtures are ideal for high-volume applications where a bespoke, dedicated fixture is needed.

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