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Modern Metrology: Challenges and benefits of Industry 4.0

The ongoing digital transformation of the aerospace sector is impacting the metrology and quality inspection functions of companies, as OEMs strive to realise increased efficiencies in processes throughout the supply chain.

The upcoming roundtable, on September 22nd 2021, will gather experts and industry leaders to discuss how metrology is adapting to the challenges of the digital age and what engineers must do to continue providing reliable and accurate data. Discussion will focus on the latest industry initiatives, standards and policies that can help adapt to the challenges and realize the benefits of Industry 4.0. with topics to be covered including the latest tools and equipment, calibration, remote accreditation and the skills and knowledge required in the future.

Panel members will also discuss in detail the latest advances in specific technologies such as x-ray CT and optical CMM machines and how they can be used for different materials and processes.

Attendees will learn how:

– Metrology can continue to meet the needs of the aerospace sector
– Measurement processes are being shaped by new trends, such as additive manufacturing, robotics and machine learning?
– To ensure optimal measurement and verification in practices
– Measurement technologies are changing in the latest systems on the shop floor

The presentation team are:

Franz Helmli – R&D Director – Bruker Alicona
Benedikt Krist – Product Sales Manager X-Ray, ZEISS
Ben Sampson – Editor, Aerospace Testing International
To learn more and sign-up for the event: