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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – October 4th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Improved 3D Image Processing With Speckle-Free Blue Laser

Using newly developed and recently patented technology, Cognex eliminates the speckle effect of laser lines, optimising triangulation-based 3D imaging. The In-Sight 3D-L4000 embedded vision system is the first product to bring the benefits of speckle-free laser lines to users. In applications such as 3D inspection of castings, the speckle-free laser … read more

Measure Where You Manufacture – Robo SCAN-R Turnkey Shop Floor Inspection Solution

Measurement Solutions Limited (MSL) has announced the release of its Robo SCAN-R to help facilitate manufacturers to take their first steps into automation and automated metrology and inspection. Using a Universal Robot integrated into a portable workstation provides a cost effective way forward to increase Robot adoption for … read more

AI-Based Quality Control For Every Employee

Cracks, scratched paint, or incorrect labelling: The BMW Group relies on systems for automated image processing (machine vision) to detect defects in production and quality control. These solutions use AI-based deep learning to efficiently process and analyze visual data, mostly based on specialized hardware or in the cloud … read more

How Smart Machining is Improving Metrology

Manufacturing units are under the constant stress of producing a large volume of parts without weighing down the cost component. Even while doing so, other factors such as durability, dimensional accuracy, and other quality control measures are indispensable in dictating the usability of the part.  In this aspect, inspection and metrology … read more

New President To Lead Brunson Instrument Co.

Brunson Instrument Co., a leading producer of large-scale, industrial metrology equipment for aerospace, automotive, renewable energy and other high-precision measurement applications, has announced the selection of Chris Klope as President effective August 31, 2021. In his new role, Klope will be responsible for executive leadership, market development and strategic operations of … read more

iReal 3D Software To Empower Smart 3D Scanning

Scantech has released the latest version of its 3D scanning software iReal 3D V3.0 from its iReal product lineup. Engineered by AI-powered algorithm, the ground-breaking update of iReal 3D software greatly enhances the users’ experience and speeds up 3D digitization process. The functions including optimized data quality, real-time color map … read more

Measuring Cell Ensures Reliable Automated Aircraft Component Production

For the final assembly of the door frames, Airbus supplier Premium AEROTEC (PAG) required automated, reliable quality assurance for the measurement of components in final production at its Varel, Germany site. The components are required for door assembly in various aircraft types. The goal was to plan and implement a fully … read more

Virtual Fitting Aids ITER Component Assembly

ITER is a massive jigsaw with millions of pieces in production. The challenging part, of course, comes when one tries putting the pieces together. This is exactly what will happen with the vacuum vessel, the part of the machine that will house the plasma. It is composed of nine sectors … read more

High Precision Tester Offers Five Roll Gear Testing Methods

The Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300 is the latest machine development from the engineering company Klingelnberg in the area of cylindrical gear technology. Designed for all five roll testing methods, this compact machine is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to combine inspection cycles and reduce … read more

Ultrasonic Distance Sensors Provide Easy Integration

Wenglor’s new U1RT series ultrasonic distance sensors combine with tried-and-tested ultrasonic technology setting new standards in range and integration options. With IO-Link 1.1 and NFC interface the sensor offers flexible setting options and data storag- Combining two successful products and installing these technologies in an established sensor housing design results in … read more

AI Powered Visual Inspection Platform Launched

Qualitas Technologies has launched one of the first AI-powered Visual Inspection Platforms to provide a powerful deep learning operations workflow for Industrial Vision Inspection. Visual Inspection products using AI have been making headlines with technologies like deep learning gaining popularity due to the ease of programming and maturity in the … read more

Collaboration Focused on New Metal Testing Technology of Hard Metals

Plastometrex is a technology company formed by a team of materials scientists, all formerly of the University of Cambridge. The company combines advanced numerical methods with novel hardware systems to create advanced metal testing methods and products. Plastometrex’s flagship product, the benchtop Indentation Plastometer, reduces the time needed to test … read more