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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – July 12th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

FARO Launches All New Portable Arm With Multiple Laser Line Probes

FARO Technologies has announced the release of its all-new  Quantum Max ScanArm, an advanced portable measurement tool that features three purpose-built hot-swappable Laser Line Probes (LLPs). Designed to meet a variety of small and medium-sized measurement needs, the LLPs—xR, xP and xS— ensure that users are no longer forced to choose between … read more

Faster and More Efficient CMM Calibration Solution

Companies need advanced measurement solutions that enable them to guarantee the reliability of key processes such as validating the quality of manufactured parts and obtaining data for analysis and critical decision making. Thus, manufacturers usually employ quality control equipment such as a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) which is high technological … read more

Renishaw Ends Formal Company Sales Process

Renishaw has announced that the formal sale process being carried out has concluded after none of the proposals received were considered satisfactory by the company. The sale process was instigated at Renishaw after executive chairman Sir David McMurtry and non-executive deputy chairman John Deer indicated their intention to sell … read more

Sandvik Acquisition Furthers Automation of Full Component Manufacturing Value Ambition

Sandvik has signed an agreement with Battery Ventures to acquire US-based Cambrio, with an end-to-end portfolio in CAD/CAM software for manufacturing industries like automotive, transportation, energy, medical and aerospace. Cambrio will be reported in the Design & Planning Automation division within Sandvik Manufacturing and Machining Solutions … read more

Internal Inspection of Automotive Components Using High-Resolution Tomography

The automotive industry, a sector undergoing radical changes – vehicles are integrating a multitude of new functionalities, so much so that we now speak of ‘intelligent vehicles’. These new features, such as gesture recognition, virtual assistance, eye-tracking, or attention control, will add to the current progress in accident prevention … read more

3D Scanning Used To Detect Automotive Part Thermal Deformations

Changchun Faurecia Xuyang Automotive Parts Technology R&D Co., Ltd is a leading auto parts technology research and development center, and is a joint venture created by Faurecia Group, Xuyang Group, and Jilin University. Recently, the center was looking for an alternative to its conventional coordinate measurement machine (CMM) to acquire comprehensive … read more

EBRAINS Robot Learns to Combine Vision and Touch

On the new EBRAINS research infrastructure, scientists of the Human Brain Project have connected brain-inspired deep learning to biomimetic robots. How the brain lets us perceive and navigate the world is one of the most fascinating aspects of cognition. When orienting ourselves, we constantly combine information from all six senses … read more

Production Metrology Optimizes Measurement Times and Improves Quality

Panelfisa S. Coop, founded in 1989, is a global supplier of fastening elements produced by cold stamping. They are specialized in the automotive sector and have a large international presence with 70% of production exported to more than 20 countries. Headquartered in Tolosa, Spain, Panelfisa is committed to innovation and … read more

Novel Machine Vision System Ensures Proper Automotive Seat Mold Assembly

Automation technologies such as robots and machine vision factor significantly into automotive manufacturing, taking on tasks from painting and welding to material handling and assembly. An Association for Advancing Automation (A3) Certified Systems Integrator, LEONI Engineering Products & Services (LEPS) utilizes its in-house machine vision development lab … read more

New Measuring Equipment – What’s The Outcome?

Manufacturers purchase new metrology equipment for a variety of reasons — to improve product quality, increase throughput or reduce operator intervention. Often it is because they believe new machines are necessary to remain competitive. However, simply installing new equipment is not enough … read more

Neurala Raises Funding to Scale Artificial Intelligence for Production Inspection

AI vision software company Neurala recently announced it has raised $12 million in funding to advance the development of vision AI for manufacturing. The latest round brings the total invested in Neurala to $26 million. The funding will enable Neurala to evolve and accelerate adoption of its vision AI in the … read more

AI Leveraged To Simplify and Optimise Machine Vision Configurations

Traditionally, to identify defects and scratches in production has required the sensitivity and knowledge of technicians with extensive experience. But owing to rising labour costs and shortage of skilled labour, manufacturers need to automate processes that once relied on the senses of experienced human workers. To solve this challenge in the … read more