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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – February 14th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Scaling New Heights With Portable 3D Laser Scanner

The maintenance of wind turbines, and whole wind farms, is a challenge. Normally wind turbines are designed to operate for 20 years. During these 20 years they are subjected to all kinds of weather conditions and heavy loads, but thanks to modern acquisition technology and advanced numerical models, such conditions … read more

Data Homogenization In The Age of Industry 4.0

The number of components that produce data and applications that consume it is steadily growing in the manufacturing environment. More and more frequently the stream of data does not stop at plant boundaries: IIoT software developers and machine manufacturers are just as interested in production data as machine operators on … read more

Improving Laser Metal Deposition Process Quality

The Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) process is being exploited by more and more applications, especially within the aerospace, space and automotive industry. This is due to its advantages over powder-bed based additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, such as laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF). These advantages are in terms of maximum part … read more

How Big Data Makes Production Precise and Sustainable

What is the recipe for an efficient production, from all points of view? Measuring every single vehicle body and a careful analysis of enormous amounts of data – this is the strategy developed by the Audi Production Lab for the body shop in Ingolstadt. For every Audi that leaves the production line … read more

Part Alignment Software Increases AM Machining Output x7

SST Technology (SST), part of Polar Technology Group, who specialize in the design and manufacture of engineered precision fabrications and thermal management systems for high-tech industries, have seen part setup times reduced from 4 hours to 25 minutes and machining cycle time halved from 15 hours to 7.5 hours and … read more

Measuring High Precision Parts Directly In Production

APRIM, founded in 1965, is a high precision machined component manufacturer, located near Madrid, Spain. Although at first, they were specialized in the automotive sector, nowadays APRIM’s production is widely diversified: automotive, medical, services, railroad, defense and agriculture. They are certified in the automotive sector … read more

Automatic Burr Detection With Computed Tomography CMM

In addition to determining geometric properties such as dimensions as well as shape and position tolerances, burr inspection is one of the most important tasks in the quality assurance of plastic workpieces. Computed tomography, in combination with intelligent software, enables fast inspection with high reliability. Burrs can form during the manufacture … read more

Artificial Intelligence To Control The Quality In Production

Quality has always been part of Audi’s DNA, and it’s also the aim of a pilot project launched last year at the Neckarsulm site to check the correct execution of spot welds in high-volume production. The partners in this project, which is part of the Volkswagen’s Industrial Cloud is to be implemented in … read more

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plates Demands Precise Profile and Channel Accuracy

The automotive industry is one of innovation. Though the first electric car was developed in the late 19th century, its move towards mass production some 100 years later has revolutionized the future of road travel. Today, many consumers are looking to adopt renewable and electric powered vehicles … read more

Jaguar Land Rover Extend Automated Optical Vehicle Inspection Systems Partnership

Over the last seven years, DeGould has worked with Jaguar Land Rover, providing automated vehicle inspection solutions both at their plants and in their supply chain. Currently, DeGould have systems installed at JLR’s three main plants. Jaguar Land Rover has recently made a further commitment … read more

Additive Manufacturing Repair Solution Uses Advanced Machine Vision & Adaptive Software

Optomec has announced the receipt of a $1.25 Million order for a production Metal Additive Manufacturing machine for the maintenance of industrial gas turbine components. The long-time customer, a Fortune 500 energy equipment supplier, will install the machine in one of its service facilities … read more

Why Manufacturers Can’t Afford To Ignore AI

Whilst AI) has been adopted with increasing speed over the past few years by multiple industries eager to drive growth and digital transformation, the manufacturing field has not been as quick to utilize this technology. Nick Boyer, Director, Strategic Consulting, PROS, speaks about why the manufacturing industry must get … read more

Aberlink Software Provides Automatic CNC Tool Offset Compensation

Aberlink has announced the latest edition of their mk4 inspection software. The major enhancements to the new version 4.18 of mk4 software are: Leapfrog function:  Originally requested by articulating arm manufacturers the leapfrog function is also a perfect solution for manual and CNC CMMs … read more

Modular Target Frame Provides Fast Small Object Portable Scanning Measurements

The new target frame from AESUB sets objects into position for optical measurement in just a few steps. A modular frame set allows to assemble target frames with a diameter of 200mm or 300mm. The frame is additively manufactured with plug and screw connections directly integrated … read more