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Marposs Acquires Digital Strategy Innovation – AI, Big Data and Data Analysis Company

Marposs Group has announced that it has acquired the qualified majority of the start-up company Digital Strategy Innovation (DSI), a company specialized in applied research in the fields of AI, big data and data analysis. Digital Strategy Innovation was founded in 2020 on the basis of scientific results developed within the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and supported by VeniSia, accelerator of innovation and sustainability of the same university, DSI provides consultancy services in the integration of digital systems and services. Due to the dynamism and aggregation of skills from the academic world, the company has been able to rapidly develop a broad portfolio that also includes the design and integration of sensors used to feed the developed machine learning platforms.

Marposs Group President, Stefano Possati states “The acquisition of Digital Strategy Innovation guarantees a cutting-edge laboratory in which to perfect new projects in sectors that are parallel and complementary to those in which we already operate. This is an operation aimed at consolidating the group’s skills in the field of digitization and AI , a fundamental requirement today to compete on the market. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to involve students and researchers also in the creation of interdisciplinary working groups and training courses and to consolidate the link between Marposs and universities.”

The operation is part of a broader investment strategy of the Marposs Group through an open innovation approach, designed to acquire and develop skills and technologies also drawing from outside its own R&D departments. For the first time in its history, Marposs has decided to acquire a young start-up, investing in the potential of the company and its personnel, strengthening synergies with the academic world and research institutes, an inexhaustible source of talent and innovation.

Professor Andrea Albarelli, scientific promoter of DSI, declared “Since the first contacts it was immediately clear how Marposs was structurally and culturally predisposed to support and enhance the aspects related to academic and applied research that characterize DSI. This is an uncommon case in Italy, which therefore presents all the prerequisites for becoming exemplary, demonstrating the effectiveness and impact of a technology transfer capable of maintaining links with basic research and training”.

The combination of expertise and the creativity of DSI researchers will allow Marposs to accelerate the development process of some solutions, especially as regards the Ev mobility sector and the improvement of digital platform and data process services, making available to the company all the experience and global presence of the Group, in order to provide even more advanced technological solutions to customers.

Dr. Andrea Gasparetto, technical director of DSI and PhD in computer science, declared: “The impetus that the entry into Marposs will determine for the development of DSI, will allow to implement a strategy of systematic acquisition of new talent, above all from the pool of training advanced and research doctorate, further increasing the skills available to the Group in all digital areas”.

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