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Machine Vision Light With Hidden Strobe Technology Launched

Smart Vision Lights (SVL),a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative LED illumination solutions, has introduced the JWL150-DO Lightgistics Series light, now with Hidden Strobe technology, which delivers the benefits of strobing without the distraction and disorientation associated with LED strobe lights.

Hidden Strobe technology allows LEDs to internally self-trigger thousands of times per second, pulsing faster than the human eye can perceive and creating the illusion of continuous light. The technology maximizes machine vision systems while protecting employees from the disorientation caused by flashing lights.

“In high-speed machine vision systems today, LEDs are pulsed to freeze images of fast-moving objects, but the strobing effect can create an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe working environment,” says Steve Kinney, director of training, compliance, and technical solutions at Smart Vision Lights. “Designed specifically to address these issues, the JWL-150-DO with Hidden Strobe technology helps high-speed machine vision systems capture the right images without causing unintended environmental hazards and without shielding.”

Improve Track-and-Trace Through Lighting 

Designed specifically for performing challenging high-speed, accurate barcode reading and optical character recognition (OCR) with packages in highly reflective plastic wraps or shipping bags, Lightgistics lights feature Dual OverDriveTM technology — which combines SVL’s Deca OverDriveTM and standard OverDriveTM engines and allows end users to attach polarizers that retain exceptional light output while handling any speed.  

“Automation applications in logistics today require high speeds and high accuracy, and when difficult applications such as reading through polybags and plastic wraps slow down the process, throughput slows down,” says Kinney. “Lightgistics LED lights address these issues head on by offering greater than 10 times brighter light pulses compared to standard continuous mode. This capability improves overall logistics and track-and-trace.”

 The JWL-150-DO delivers an intense, compact light source with an integrated camera mount that can be directly connected and controlled through a camera’s trigger output. The JWL150-DO features an onboard charging capacitor designed to ensure powerful bursts of energy with a low consistent electrical draw. The IP65-rated bright field operates using a working distance of 500 mm up to 2000 mm; 10-, 14-, and 30-degree lens options; and built-in Multi-Drive technology that provides both continuous operation and OverDrive mode.

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