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LVDT Probe for High-Precision Gaging Applications Unveiled

Mahr has introduced the P 2002 probe, a new addition to its lineup of LVDT probes including the P 1512 V and P1530 V. The P2002 probe is a state-of-the-art LVDT style measuring probe for high-precision gaging, designed for use in applications that require reliable and repeatable measurements.

With a shorter measuring span and higher accuracy, the P2002 probe is ideal for use for dedicated gaging fixtures where the measuring results from multiple probes are used in combination with each other, such as in assembly line manufacturing. Additionally, the P2002 probe offers an exceptional level of accuracy that rivals linear encoders, which are typically 20-30% more expensive. It is designed to meet the needs of quality engineers, manufacturing engineers, and metrology engineers across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical device, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Normally, lengths cannot be measured linearly over the entire measuring path with an inductive probe. This is not the case with the new Millimar P 2002, which achieves high linearity thanks to its ideally matched measuring system. Wherever lengths are tested, the new P 2002 shows its strengths: From brake discs and cell phone covers to turbine blades, the new Millimar sensor is a true all-rounder. The probe stands for maximum measuring accuracy and minimal linearity deviations over the entire measuring range. At the same time, its revised ball guide ensures high-precision, easy handling. Dueto its excellent electromagnetic shielding, it is optimally protected against external magnetic fields.

The P2002 probe comes with an optional pneumatic actuation feature, offering even greater flexibility and ease of use in high-precision applications. Technical details include:

➤ Measuring range: +/- 1mm

➤ Accuracy: 0.90 microns

➤ Repeatability: 0.1 micron

➤ IP64 Rated: Resistant to fluids and solids

The P2002 probe is compatible with all Mahr gaging amplifiers and works exceptionally well with the C1202 and C1200 digital amplifiers, as well as Mahr’s Cockpit gaging software.

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