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LMI Technologies Launches Remastered Smart 3D Laser Line Profilers

LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, has announced the official release of its remastered Gocator 2600 Series of 4K+ resolution smart 3D laser line profile sensors. The remastered Gocator 2600 Series has been optimized for faster default scan speeds, enhanced data quality, increased scanning versatility, and higher 4K+ resolutions.

With its large selection of resolution and field of view options to choose from, the Gocator 2600 Series can be used to inspect a wide variety of targets from small parts in EV Battery, Consumer Electronics, and Semiconductor manufacturing, to larger coverage applications in Automotive, Rubber & Tire, Food Processing, Building Materials, and general factory automation.

“The remastered Gocator 2600 Series delivers fine-tuned 4K+ laser profiling performance with strategic new features and improvements inspired directly by customer feedback for applications in EV Battery, Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor and more“, said Mark Radford, CEO, LMI Technologies.

EV Battery Pre-Weld Seam Gap & Flush Measurement

The new Gocator 2610 model generates profile and surface data at up to 2.5 microns X resolution for in-liine dimensional measurement and microscopic surface defect detection on small parts such as semiconductor Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs). The new Gocator 2618 model achieves 5 micron X resolution at 20 millimeters field of view for specialized EV Battery applications such as pre-weld seam gap & flush measurement.

Cell Phone Black Glue Inspection

The new High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mode improves scan quality on challenging targets that previously were susceptible to over or underexposed features such as highly reflective metallic surfaces and objects with a variety of materials and finishes. Targets that previously required multiple exposures to scan challenging features may now be captured with a single exposure and faster cycle time.

The Gocator 2600 Series has been optimized for surface flatness with a pre-processing pipeline to reduce spatial noise. This allows users to more accurately locate, measure, and identify features on a variety of targets and applications. The new Gocator 2629 model delivers optimal speed and data quality over a large (>70 mm) field of view. Scan larger CE targets in a single pass with a single sensor, with sufficient optical performance for challenging inspection requirements such as verifying placement of thin adhesives.

Gocator 2600 features and capabilities:

➤ 9-megapixel imager
➤ 4192 data points per profile for high-resolution 3D measurement and inspection
➤ X resolutions up to 2.5 microns
➤ Z repeatability up to 0.2 microns
➤ Fields of view up to 2 m (at 0.55 millimeter X-resolution)
➤ On-sensor measurement tools and I/O connectivity
➤ Native multi-sensor alignment and networking support

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