Let’s Start Again | It’s a New Metrology Year | The News Awaits …

A very Happy New Year to all of our readers and sponsors.

The planned editorial focus calendar for Metrology News in 2022 is as follows:


Smart Manufacturing – Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing

Computed Tomography – seeing the other side of dimensional metrology


Robotic Inspection – Inline, Near-Line and their increasing role in process control

What to do with all the data?


Coordinate Measuring Machines – How the CMM is evolving in today’s smarter factories


Optical Metrology – Structured light scanning and vision based application driven solutions

Control Expo Preview


Big Data – Creation, Analysis and Utilization

Control Expo Review


Portable Inspection solutions that roam the manufacturing floor

Additive Manufacturing – process and quality control technique to manage this emerging manufacturing field


Metrology 4.0 – what does it really mean

Metrology Software – current and future trends including virtual programming tools


Reverse Engineering – prototyping and production applications

Digital Twins and their increasing role in process control


Surface Finish and Form – Optical v Tactile solutions

Augmented Reality and its increasing role in Quality Control


Multi-Sensors – the one stop inspection solution

5G and its role in shaping the future of production metrology


Equipment Updates –  previous generation hardware upgrading for today’s metrology integrated manufacturing world

Sensors – “there’s a sensor for that” – a deep dive into new sensing technologies


Metrology Centric Manufacturing – Factory 2030

2022 – A year in review

NOTE: Please submit your product news along with other relevant materials at least 7 days before the start of each month for inclusion consideration in the editorial article on the above editorial subjects.

Email: editorialteam@metrology.news

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