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KraussMaffei Leverages Color Measurement Technology in Innovative ColorAdjust Solution

X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC, leaders in color science and technology, has announced that KraussMaffei, a leading supplier of machinery and systems for producing and processing plastics, is utilizing the X-Rite ERX130 inline spectrophotometer as part of its ColorAdjust solution.

By combining inline spectral measurement with machine control systems, the ColorAdjust solution provides compounders with accurate and repeatable color production during compounding for a more efficient and sustainable production process.

The KraussMaffei ColorAdjust system is designed for contactless monitoring of color variations and can directly adjust the precise color setpoint to compensate for minor deviations in production. This gives compound processors high reproducibility, even when processing input materials of varying color spectrum. In addition, the system helps get to precise color quickly when restarting the compounding process after a stop or in the event of a color change. This reduces the amount of start-up scrap and rejected materials when restarting the compounding process, creating a more sustainable workflow that saves raw materials.

The ColorAdjust system uses the X-Rite ERX130 non-contact inline reflectance spectrophotometer to capture the spectral data of the cooled, reclaimed pellets in the vibration chute and transmits the results directly to the machine control system. The color data is used to automatically control the color metering units which are equipped with four or six colors to cover the entire color spectrum. The system can then adjust the precise color setpoint automatically without operator intervention.

“The spectral measurement from X-Rite performs our task with the utmost precision, taking non-contact measurements from the cooled regranulates on the vibrating chute and sending the results to the machine control system,” explains Lars Darnedde, Process Engineering Development, KraussMaffei. “This in turn controls the second unit, the color metering unit, which is equipped with at least four colors and four metering units.”

“We are excited to be working with KraussMaffei, who is designing manufacturing solutions with sustainability in mind,” said Michael Saeger, General Manager, Inline Measurement Solutions, X-Rite. “Monitoring color inline throughout the production process makes it easier for companies to use recycled or bio-sourced raw material and maintain color consistency. The system can identify color drift and make changes before the batch is ruined, avoiding costly line errors and rework.”

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