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January 2023 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

Heading into 2023 this will be the seventh year of publication for Metrology News. We look forward to once again bringing our readership the very latest in everything happening in the manufacturing metrology sector and associated manufacturing universe. January got off to a flying start with a significant amount of news to report, in what typically is a ‘slow’ month, with numerous acquisitions, new product launches, and partnership announcements with companies continuing to strengthen strategic product offerings, along with a variety of stories associated with our January editorial focus.

Over the holiday break, we updated the events section on the site. What struck us is just how many trade shows there are with the list continuing to expand year on year as new events are created, focussing on the latest industry trends, such as smart manufacturing and industry 4.0. to name just two. It would be a full-time task if we decided to attend each event and reminds us just how large the expo business economy has become.

This month’s editorial focus was Computed Tomography and Smart Manufacturing. The use of X-ray in manufacturing has progressed significantly over the past decade with the technology migrating from its early NDT days to the full dimensional inspection of complex internal and external part geometries and which now challenges the traditional CMM for some applications. With Additive Manufacturing being scaled up for volume production applications, along with the creation of gigiafactories for EV battery cell production, Computed Tomography is proving itself as the ‘go-to’ technology for many of these applications. Smart manufacturing is encompassing so many topics including Smart Sensors, 5G, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, and the upcoming Industrial Metaverse. We will continue to report on the dynamic and developing Smart Manufacturing sector throughout the year.

Featured articles in this month’s newsletter include “Using X-ray Computed Tomography for Dimensional Metrology”; “Automated CT Defect Detection Software Leverages AI For Process Reliability”; “CT Adaptive Measurement Software Function Identifies Tooling Spring Defects”; “Adaptive Measurement Templates Speed Up Identification of Deformed Components”; “The Role of 5G in Smart Factories”; “Unlocking The Promise of AI in Industrials” and “Making The Industrial Metaverse A Reality”. The complete library of over 90 January articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Using X-ray Computed Tomography for Dimensional Metrology

X-ray computed tomography (CT) has successfully entered the field of coordinate metrology as an innovative and flexible non-contact measurement technology for performing dimensional measurements on industrial parts. It provides unique advantages compared to conventional tactile and optical coordinate measuring machines, giving the ability to perform non-destructive measurement … read more

Formula 1 Gets Comfortable With 3D Scanning Technology

A pilot project has successfully revolutionised the way Formula 1 racing seats can be designed using biomechanics technology, in an effort to improve a driver’s comfort and performance. Williams Racing engineers have partnered with experts from the UK’s University of Portsmouth on a study to develop a detailed understanding … read more

Automated CT Defect Detection Software Leverages AI For Process ReliabilityAutomated CT Defect Detection Software Leverages Uses AI

Artificial intelligence has become ubiquitous. Artificial intelligence is now also a topic in computed tomography and is becoming increasingly significant. This is because it enables defect analyses to be carried out even more reliably, accurately and quickly. For industrial components, defects are often located inside the part … read more

CT Adaptive Measurement Software Function Identifies Tooling Spring Defects

In competitive mold-making and injection-molding markets, where tight pricing and narrow profit margins are the norm, end quality is the one thing that distinguishes a manufacturer from others. Molds have to be perfect, and the correct-specification parts made from them must be delivered on time and with no production delays … read more

Dual.Material CT Software Enables Faster X-ray Scanning Enhancing Production Line Applications

The Industrial Metrology Business Unit of Nikon Corporation has introduced a new reconstruction algorithm allowing scanning times to be reduced by typically 10-fold. Dual.Material CT, as its name implies, achieves this dramatic increase in efficiency on assemblies comprising two materials of different densities … read more

Adaptive Measurement Templates Speed Up Identification of Deformed Components

As CT scanning of parts becomes an increasingly routine quality-inspection step for manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, energy, medicine and other industries, the software that interprets that CT-scan data is becoming ever-more sophisticated, as well as more user-friendly. Leading software provider Volume Graphics recently received a 2023 industry award for their Adaptive Measurement Template … read more

Unique High Energy CT Scanning System Surfs Geometric and Detection Capabilities

Many times stronger, more powerful, with the ability to shine through even large blocks of aircraft engines. This is a special industrial CT scanner based on a 9MeV linear accelerator, the first one of its kind built in Cincinnati, USA. The system has now been tested by scientists from CEITEC … read more

Advanced CMM Laser Scanning of Complex Aerostructures Removes Inspection Bottlenecks

Max Aerostructures is a leader in machine components and complex assemblies, specialising in developing products from conception to reality. Based in Kansas, they have quickly grown into a leading aerospace manufacturer, and subsequently expanded their capabilities to support semiconductor manufacturers … read more

Expanding CMM Measurement Capabilities

During the past 25 years, coordinate measuring machine (CMM) sensor technology has expanded from tactile and scanning systems to now include optical, laser and surface finish sensors, effectively expanding the CMM’s capabilities. While each CMM sensor technology has its own advantages and limitations, the expanded measuring capability provided to the CMM compels anyone … read more

The Role of 5G in Smart FactoriesThe Role of 5G in Smart Factories

5G in manufacturing is transforming industry operations as leaders reimagine the factory of the future. With 5G in smart factories, manufacturers will be able to integrate more cutting-edge technologies including automated robots, IoT devices and digital twins. 5G is unlocking new possibilities in manufacturing … read more

Integrated Smart 3D Scanning Drives 100% Inline EV Battery InspectionIntegrated Smart 3D Scanning Drives 100% Inline EV Battery Inspection

+Vantage Corporation was established in 2003 to provide measurement and inspection capabilities to the automotive industry. Since then the company has expanded exponentially into assembly, automation, and intelligent manufacturing systems. The industries the company serves are varied from automotive and aerospace to biotech and pharmaceutical … read more

AI-Enhanced 3D X-ray Scanning Accelerates Lithium-Ion Battery Inspection

Powered by artificial intelligence from the Nikon Industrial Metrology Business Unit, LiB.Overhang Analysis software transforms the assessment of anode overhang in lithium-ion battery (LiB) cells. Through precise and consistent inspection, LiB.Overhang Analysis uses 3D X-ray CT scanning to bring automation to the shop floor … read more

Smart Eye Inspection Cell Closes Loop with Flexible Robot Welding Cell

Valmet Automotive and Mapvision recently introduces a flexible welding cell demonstration that takes automotive manufacturing a major step towards a self-adjusting production process. The pilot welding cell has been installed in Valmet’s new Innovation Lab, part of an Intelligent Manufacturing program … read more

3D Scanning Improves Reporting and Quality Control of Transformer Tanks

Latvian company SFM, the world’s largest provider of transformer tanks, has been using Creaform MetraSCAN BLACK 3D scanner with VXelements software for 2 years, to provide high-quality 3D measurement reports for its products. SFM is a manufacturer of welded steel structures for which accuracy is especially important … read more

X-ray CT Systems Gain OPC UA Connectivity Advancing Shop Floor Quality Control

Demonstrating its commitment to production line inspection and measurement, the Industrial Metrology Business Unit of Nikon Corporation has introduced its latest software development: Inspect-X Automation OPC UA Interface. From manufacturing execution systems to statistical process control systems, Inspect-X Automation OPC UA streamlines the way diverse hardware and software communicate … read more

RobotSmith Uses Laser Scanning and AI to Digitize Traditional Metalworking Tasks

Showcased at the 2023 CES exhibition in Las Vegas, RobotSmith is an AI based robotic system for metal workpiece grinding and polishing,  The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) developed RobotSmith to address manufacturing industry’s challenges and trends of digital transformation, supply chain restructuring and labor shortages caused by the COVID-19 … read more

‘Rock Steady’ Mobile Metrology Stand Provides Precision-Levelling For Critical Measurements

In response to evolving customer requirements, Brunson Instrument has redesigned its legacy heavy-duty metrology stand series. Featuring a distinctive claw-foot tribrach base and large, 5” dual-wheel casters, the new Rock Steady™ line (Pat. Pending) will roll unimpeded over power cords, and smoothly traverse most floor tracks, thresholds, and uneven factory floors … read more

Speed Up Injection Mold Tool Corrections With Reverse Engineering SoftwareSpeed Up Injection Molded Tool Corrections

The molds for high-quality injection-molded parts must be extremely precise: a component tolerance of less than 30 micron, for example, requires tool tolerances of less than 10 micron. Horst Scholz GmbH has mastered this challenge by ensuring that the design, tool making, injection molding and measuring technology … read more

Unlocking The Promise of AI in Industrials

The term ‘artificial intelligence’ is suffering from severe overuse. It has almost become shorthand for any application of cutting-edge technology, obscuring its true definition and purpose. Therefore, it’s helpful to clearly define AI and its uses for industrial companies. In short, AI is the ability of a machine to perform cognitive … read more

Making The Industrial Metaverse A RealityMaking The Industrial Metaverse A Reality

The Industrial Metaverse is a world, which is always on. Where real machines and factories, buildings and cities, grids and transportation systems are mirrored in the virtual world. Why is this so important? In a digital environment, problems can be found, analyzed, and fixed quickly – or better yet, discovered … read more

The Future of Machine Vision – VISOR Object AI Sensor

With artificial intelligence, the new VISOR Object AI from Sensopart is even easier to set up – even without expert knowledge in machine vision. With the latest member of its VISOR family, SensoPart is making vision applications even easier. Thanks to the artificial intelligence bundled in the ‘Classification (AI)’ detector … read more

Big Data Opens Up New Business Models In Manufacturing

The sharing-economy attitude “Don’t own, use”, coupled with predictive maintenance, promotes efficient and sustainable production and consolidates supply chains. Industry is seeking new ideas for that key step ahead in the international arena. For instance, the smart utilization of production data augments machine efficiency and helps create all-new data-based business models … read more

Metrology Software Automates Artemis Rocket Launch Panel Inspection

Artemis I was the first integrated test of NASA’s deep space exploration systems: the Orion spacecraft, Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the ground systems at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The first in a series of increasingly complex missions, Artemis I was an un-crewed flight test that … read more

3D Scanning Meeting The Challenge – Higher Precision in Less Time

As one of Europe’s major steel producers, the voestalpine Stahl GmbH is the lead company of the Steel Division and a supplier that renowned automotive manufacturers and other manufacturing companies can rely on. The Austria-based company also manufactures heavy plates and cast products … read more


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