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iScan3D Hand-Held Metrology Grade 3D Scanner Provides Freedom-to-Measure

API is presenting its next generation of iScan3D Laser Scanner at the CONTROL exhibition featuring improved optics and blue crossed laser lines for fast and accurate metrology grade point cloud generation. iScan3D is the third-generation version of API’s metrology-grade scanner designed for portable shop-floor dimensional inspection and scanning applications to provide both accurate measurements and point-cloud generation from a single-handed ergonomic sensor.

iScan3D, with integral process controller, connects with API’s RADAIAN Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) Laser Tracker to accurately monitor scanner position and deliver high accuracy measuring and scanning. iScan3D completely negates user inconveniences associated with articulating arm scanners,  operator fatigue, arm gymnastics, part access issues, and limited measuring ranges. iScan3D combines tactile and scanning measurements, giving users the freedom to measure wherever and whenever, regardless of part size and feature locations, in a single setup. With iScan3D, the articulating arm problem of operator-to-operator variability in part inspection data is avoided.

With the launch of the improved iScan3D, API reconfirms its focus in this growing market providing the next generation measuring solution, integrating both tactile and laser scanning into a single, seamless, high accuracy solution.

Automatic probe stylus recognition uses RFID technology to automatically identify probe length and tip size of the stylus and eliminate user probe selection during measurements. A variety of probe styli (up to 500mm in length is supported) to suit every application.

Manufacturing applications targeted by iScan3D system include shop-floor production measurement, prototype part inspection and validation, high accuracy reverse engineering, large body assemblies, flush and gap, mold and die cavities, surface contours, fixture inspections, and alignment.

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