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Integrated Robot CMM Frame Calibration Uses Wireless Touch Probe

Robot Frame Calibration With Integrated Wireless Touch ProbeLoop Technology, an advanced automation and robotics specialist, has Introduced an integrated touch probe plugin for KUKA Robot System Software to capture and calculate robot frames.

The system is as easy to use as the traditional teach process, but removes the inaccuracy of human error, and speeds up the process by using an integrated CMM-based measurement process with a wireless touch probe. The system can be used with a tooling ball, machined edge, or just a flat surface.

Loop Technology has also recently joined the UK’s University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), a network of world-leading research and innovation centres, working with advanced manufacturing companies around the globe.

Loop Technology  joined as a Tier Two member. The company has collaborated with the AMRC on several programmes over the last six years, including advanced automation projects for the aerospace industry and most recently, project DACS, a robotic ‘Distributed Automatic Cutting System’ to develop novel automation technology for the construction industry.

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