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Insphere Receive Accurate Real-Time Robot Accuracy Contract

INSPHERE has announced that it has been awarded a contract to deliver its new IONA system for Robot Monitoring & Control to AMRC Cymru

AMRC Cymru is installing a cutting-edge robot cell for additive manufacturing (AM). The new technology has many applications and enables rapid manufacture of large and complex parts which often cannot be made by any other means. For the cell to operate effectively, the robot needs to perform accurately, and its performance needs to be closely monitored at all times.

INSPHERE has developed the IONA system to provide accurate real-time monitoring of robotics and so it is ideally suited to this setting. It has the added advantage that monitoring data can be used to control the robot directly through closed-loop feedback, enabling sophisticated control of the robot AM process.

“We are excited to be installing the new IONA system to monitor our robot AM cell and we look forward to working closely with INSPHERE to get maximum value from the system for the benefit of our members and the wider manufacturing community. We intend to use IONA on a range of robot cells in the centre to demonstrate its value for enhancing automation in aerospace, the food and drink sector, and other applications too.” AMRC Cymru Research Director-Andy Silcox.

IONA comprises a network of sensors and software that can simultaneously capture alignment data from industrial robots and other points of interest, be that the work piece, fixture or cell datums. Using IONA, engineers can monitor the performance of automated systems and ensure they are performing consistently in accordance with the simulated or programmed intent.

Live positional data from IONA enables robot simulations and programs to be updated in real-time which can be used to correct for variation in part location, cell setup or inherent errors in automated systems.

This data enables an accurate digital twin of the manufacturing system, allowing the user to bring offline programmes online – seamlessly – without the need for manual intervention.

The high quality, metrology-grade data generated, can be used to improve the accuracy and performance of robots, enabling new processes to be automated.

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