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INSPECTIS Software Version 6.3 Adds New Features

INSPECTIS AB has announced the launch of INSPECTIS Software Version 6.3, offering several new features, improvements, and bug fixes for its family of 4K and FHD digital microscopes. Additionally, Inspectis software is now tested and approved for use with Windows 11. Other notable improvements include live viewing distortion correction and an auto-calibration function that makes it possible to make precise calibrations quickly over a range of magnifications.

In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, said, “V6.3 brings significant improvements as well as new features to the INSPECTIS line of 4K digital microscopes. We’ve also enhanced an already popular feature, that of saving pre-set parameters via a user-configurable pre-set button. Two years ago, these didn’t exist, and 5 positions were added with a previous update.  Now, that number has jumped to 16 positions and each button can now be named and the label read by hovering the mouse over the active button in the display.  This greatly extends the range of pre-set inspection criteria that can be saved, improving both speed and repeatability when performing demanding optical inspections with any of the INSPECTIS family of cameras.”

Alistair added that pre-set calibration values for all cameras have been improved, and the latest INSPECTIS camera microscopes, namely F35, F35s, DIM-F, DIM-FX, DIM-U, and DIM-UX, have now been added to the software.

INSPECTIS designs and produces digital optical microscopes, including 4K resolution devices for the electronics and medical device manufacturing industries. INSPECTIS offers digital camera microscopes designed for demanding non-contact optical inspection and assembly.

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