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INSPECTIS Launches 4K HDMI Image Capture Box

In keeping with its dedication to reducing unnecessary clutter around the workbench, INSPECTIS AB has introduced a clean, simple means of saving 4K quality images from its digital microscopes without the need for a computer. The HD-140-U is a non-computer capture box that simplifies capture and delivery of 4K resolution saved images.

In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, said, “Since INSPECTIS released the first commercially available 4K digital video microscopes,  the question of how to simplify saving and distributing HDMI images without the need for a bulky PC has remained unanswered…until now!”

“With the introduction of HD-140-U, there is now an easy and convenient way to capture 4K resolution images and FHD video untethered to computer equipment. “It opens up new and exciting possibilities and solutions for using the world leading imaging devices”, he adds.

With the HD-140-U, images are saved as 16:9 , 4K 8.3 MP (3840 x2160 pixels) JPG files. The user can capture images and video direct to Micro SD cards, with lag-free live 4K looping through for a direct monitor connection. Features include the following:

– Plug and Play 4K HDMI Capture and Video Recorder;

– Compatible with 2160p output signal of Inspectis U30, U30s, U10 and U10s Digital Microscopes

– Captures still pictures at UHD resolution and digital video at FHD format on Micro SD-card without a host computer

– Live loop through video output at 4K, 2160p format

– Supplies date and time stamp on still picture and recorded video

– Delivers with power supply, HDMI A-type male cable and Micro SDHC-card

INSPECTIS designs and produces digital optical microscopes, including 4K resolution devices

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