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Innovative Smart Camera Solution Poised To Redefine Quality Assurance

PEKAT VISION, a pioneer in cutting-edge deep-learning software for industrial visual inspection, in collaboration with Baumer International GmbH, has introduced the Baumer VAX-50 Smart Camera solution with PEKAT VISION, poised to redefine quality assurance in manufacturing.

Designed for the Needs of Industry

Powerful Graphic Card: The VAX-50 Smart Camera leverages the processing power of Nvidia® Jetson™ graphics, enabling image processing at high frame rates as well as training directly on the camera.

Ample Memory: With 16 GB RAM and 16 GB eMMC, the Smart Camera provides a robust memory infrastructure for handling even complex visual inspection tasks seamlessly.

Quality Sony Image Sensor: The incorporation of a high-quality Sony image sensor guarantees exceptional image capture, essential for precise and reliable industrial visual inspection.

Robust Design: Housed in a rigid aluminum body, the Smart Camera offers optional IP67 protection, ensuring reliability and durability in diverse industrial environments.

Vast Accessory Options: PEKAT VISION offers an extensive range of accessories, providing flexibility and customization to meet the unique needs of various applications.

Advanced Inspection Capabilities

All-Inclusive Software Package: The pre-installed deep-learning PEKAT VISION software offers the same easy to use interface, capabilities, and set of self-learning tools as the standalone package, including Anomaly Detection, Surface Detection, Detector and Classifier, and OCR modules.

On Camera Training: The VAX-50 Smart Camera supports all operations, including training directly on the device, significantly enhancing efficiency in industrial visual inspection.

PEKAT VISION deep-learning software running on the VAX-50 Smart Camera offers a ready-to-use AI solution for visual inspection on the edge offering all the advantages in one small, easily deployable device.

Operational Advantages

Fast Integration: The VAX-50 Smart Camera & PEKAT VISION seamlessly integrate into existing production lines, offering swift deployment process while minimizing downtime.

Scalability and Adaptability: Easily scalable for use in multiple locations or on different production lines, the VAX-50 Smart Camera provides adaptability to evolving industrial requirements.

Cost-Effective Solution: The VAX-50 Smart Camera with PEKAT VISION eliminates the need for additional computers or network infrastructure significantly reducing overall costs while enhancing operational efficiency.

Security Features: Mitigating the risk of unauthorized access with a closed ecosystem that ensures the integrity and confidentiality of the inspection process.

Remote Connection when Needed: The VAX-50 Smart Camera offers a web interface and remote connectivity options, providing remote accessibility and control when required.

PEKAT VISION continues to push the boundaries of innovation, delivering solutions that empower industries with the latest advancement in technology.

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