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Innovative Metrology Solutions Aid Development of New Energy Vehicles

ZEISS has already received two awards this year for its work in China: At the end of March, the organizational committee of the 10th International Forum for NEV in Shanghai presented ZEISS with the Best Power Cell Equipment of the Year Award. Also, at the end of April, ZEISS was honored with the 2020 Hairpin Motor Supplier Contribution Award. The latter prize, the only one of its kind in China, recognized ZEISS’s solutions for the quality assurance of electric motors with hairpin technology.

“ZEISS finds the critical points in the battery cells and helps the entire industry to improve their quality inspection and quality control,” according to the organizational committee of the 10th International Forum for New Energy Vehicles, which presented ZEISS with the“ Best Power Cell Equipment of the Year Award“. The metrology company was honored on March 25, 2021 for its innovative solutions for new automobile power-drives during an event in Shanghai, China.

The award, said Xu Xiaosang, Sales Manager for the ZEISS New Energy Vehicle business in China, “underlines our commitment to this pioneering, future-oriented field and demonstrates to the industry that we are the right partner for optimizing their quality and processes.” With ZEISS solutions, companies are not only able to deliver batteries and other cutting-edge developments with the required quality; they can also bring their products to market much faster and at a lower cost.

The International Forum for New Energy Vehicles is one of the most important and authoritative forums in China in the field of new energy vehicles. In addition to government officials and academics, participants included numerous global players that manufacture batteries, motors, or other components for NEV. They gather each year for this event to inform themselves on how to support the transformation of the Chinese vehicle industry.

Award for Quality Assurance of Electric Motors

Several days after receiving an award for its solutions for, and commitment to, battery cells, the metrology company from Oberkochen was again awarded in China. At the end of April 2021, ZEISS received the 2020 Hairpin Motor Supplier Contribution Award. It was presented during the 2021 APS 8th Automotive Powertrain Summit and Hairpin Motor Matching Technology Summit, which took place in Jiading, Shanghai.

During this event, numerous researchers and company executives from across the globe discussed the market potential for electric motors with hairpin technology, how to ensure the quality control, and the challenges that currently need to be overcome in the research and development process.

For Zheng Tiany, Application Manager of Industrial Quality Solutions at ZEISS, the award from this high-caliber forum demonstrates that “ZEISS knows the developments and the processes of NEV manufacturers very well, and is supporting manufacturers to bring their innovative solutions to the market in an efficient manner.”

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