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India’s Automotive Component Industry Growth Offers Metrology Equipment Opportunities

Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) has announced the findings of its industry performance review, for the first half of fiscal 2022-23. The turnover of the automotive components industry stood at $33.8 billion for the period April 2022 to September 2022, registering a growth of 34.8 percent, over the first half of the previous year. As per ACMA, the aftermarket in H1 2022-23 witnessed a growth of eight percent to $5.4 billion from $5.3 billion in H1 2021-22.

Commenting on the performance of the auto components industry in India, Vinnie Mehta, Director General, ACMA, said, “With vehicle sales and exports gaining traction, month-on-month, the auto components industry demonstrated a growth of 34.8 percent. Steady growth was witnessed in all the segments, from supply to OEMs to exports to the aftermarket. Exports grew by 8.6 percent to $10.1 billion while imports grew by 17.2 percent to $10.1 billion. The aftermarket, estimated at INR 420.07 billion, also witnessed a growth of eight percent. Component sales to OEMs in the domestic market grew by 46 percent to INR 2.23 trillion.”

Mehta went on to point out that Europe and North America remain the two primary export destinations. Exports to the CIS and Baltics fell sharply by 66 percent due to the war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed in Russia, he said. “There has been a growth in electronics and electricals, thanks to the growing electric mobility,” Mehta added. “The usage of vehicles, for personal as well as commercial use, started to increase with recovery from the pandemic. The industry size surpassed pre-pandemic levels due to a combination of factors. For example, the surge in demand for new vehicles and used vehicles, shift in preferences towards larger/more powerful vehicles and an increase in commodity prices.”

Mehta also highlighted what holds good for the Indian auto components industry, like the domestic demand continuing to be strong, a focus on clean and new technology, new entrants in the mobility space, and more. He also informed about aspects that do not work in favour of the industry and need to be overcome as well, such as the Russia-Ukraine war, the looming recession in Europe and the US, and high GST rates on auto components.

Sharing his insights, Sunjay Kapur, President, ACMA, and Chairman, Sona Comstar, said, “With vehicle sales across all segments reaching the pre-pandemic levels and moderation in the supply-side issues, such as availability of semiconductors, high input raw material costs and non-availability of containers, the auto components sector witnessed a steady growth in both domestic and the international markets in the first-half of FY2022-23. With the domestic manufacturing of vehicles and components gathering pace, imports also witnessed an uptick.”

Elaborating on the mood of the industry and outlook for the near to mid-term future, Kapur mentioned that going forward, he is optimistic that the current fiscal year will witness another good performance from the auto components sector. “Further, with growth in consumption of EVs, we are witnessing fast transformation of the auto components sector to be an integral part of the EV manufacturing supply chain,” he said. “The components industry is making steady investments as also acquiring technology companies. For a medium to long-term outlook, we need to be wary of the impending recession in Europe and the US as also the supply chain issues which are not fully behind us.”

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