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Ideal Platform For Surface Measurement Applications

The production of optical components in laser material processing, biotechnology, medical technology as well as semiconductor technology requires highly precise surface measurements including non-destructive quality assurance. According to manufacturer Aerotech, the SMP is the optimal multi-axis motion system for such applications.

“Optical components are used everywhere, for example in medical technology for prevention, diagnostics and therapy or for laser processing of materials in additive manufacturing,” says Aerotech European Director Simon Smith. “High-precision optics requires high-precision measurements of spherical, aspherical and cylindrical shapes, in the nanometre range. A prerequisite for this is flexible 2D and 3D contouring.” The measuring device benefits from the performance of the Aerotech controllers with their advanced motion control and position synchronised output (PSO), which enables very smooth movements even at the lowest speeds.

A generic high-speed electrical interface between motion and sensor control enables axis repeatability in the lower nanometre range by synchronising measurement and position data in real time. As a result, incremental motion at the nanometre level is extremely minimal, supporting the generation of accurate scan or point-to-point motion profiles. As shown in field tests and practical applications, the processing time for surface measurements is reduced by up to 40 percent due to the excellent positioning properties. Another unmistakable plus point is the space saving: an SMP requires up to 60 percent less floor space than Cartesian measuring systems.

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