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IC Measure 3.0 Delivers Powerful Imaging Software for Industrial Applications

IC Measure, The Imaging Source’s image acquisition and measurement software, has taken a leap forward with the new release of IC Measure 3.0. The new release provides support for multiple platforms, including Linux x86/arm and Windows. These improvements ensure compatibility with a wide range of systems and offer users enhanced flexibility. IC Measure 3.0 seamlessly integrates with all industrial cameras and grabbers manufactured by The Imaging Source, making it a versatile solution for diverse industrial imaging needs. With the ability to open and configure multiple devices and save and restore device settings, IC Measure 3.0 simplifies the process of industrial camera setup on all platforms.

Multi-Camera Application

Efficiency is key in industrial imaging, and IC Measure 3.0 excels in this area. The new version allows users to open and manage multiple devices simultaneously, enabling them to easily work with multiple cameras. Users can also perform manual measurements on all opened devices, streamlining measurement tasks across multiple cameras. With IC Measure 3.0, productivity and accuracy go hand in hand.

Modern User Interface

IC Measure 3.0 introduces a modern user interface that has undergone a complete revamp. The interface now provides a consistent user experience across all operating systems, ensuring a smooth and intuitive workflow. The new design offers a clean and user-friendly layout, making it easy for both new and experienced users to navigate the software. With its modern user interface, IC Measure 3.0 brings simplicity and convenience to industrial imaging tasks.

Advanced Scripting Functionality

With its enhanced scripting functionality, IC Measure 3.0 empowers users to customize and automate their imaging processes. The software allows the creation of user-defined live overlays using a LUA script API for real-time visual enhancements. Users can also add parameters that seamlessly integrate into the user interface for convenient control and modification of settings. For optimal workflow, scripts are now dynamically reloaded as they are edited and the inclusion of new built-in script examples opens up endless possibilities for customization.

Proven IC Measure Functionality

Even with its new features, IC Measure 3.0 retains the tried-and-true functionality that has made it a trusted image processing software for a variety of applications:

  • AVI capture with h264 encoding
  • Single image capture
  • Automated image sequence export with automatic file name generation
  • Advanced image processing filters, including perspective correction, false-color, and vignetting
  • Flexible live image display
  • Stepless zooming, panning, and histogram visualization IC Measure 3.0 ensures that users have the necessary tools to achieve high-quality results.

IC Measure 3.0 is a comprehensive imaging software that caters to the needs of industrial applications. With its multi-platform support, multi-camera capabilities, modern user interface, advanced scripting functionality, and proven features, it offers a powerful solution for industrial imaging tasks. Whether it’s capturing, measuring, or processing images, IC Measure 3.0 equips users with the tools they need to excel in their imaging endeavors.

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