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HOMMEL ETAMIC Announced As Brand Name for Jenoptik Industrial Metrology

Jenoptik has announced that its industrial metrology portfolio will in future be presented under the familiar brand name HOMMEL ETAMIC with a new market appearance, enabling a more focused customer approach.

HOMMEL ETAMIC offers complete metrology solutions for industrial manufacturing processes. The product portfolio remains unchanged and includes high-precision production metrology for the inspection of roughness, contours, form and the determination of dimensions in every phase of the production process as well as in measuring room. The metrology specialist has the entire technology spectrum of tactile, optical and pneumatic measurement.

Comprehensive services such as consulting, training and service including long-term maintenance contracts round off HOMMEL-ETAMIC’s offering. This also includes the calibration laboratory for roughness standards, contact stylus instruments, form standards and contour and cam standards, which was established in 1980 and has been continuously expanded.

The product portfolio remains under the product brands known in the market:

Visionline for optical surface inspection

Formline for form and roughness measurement

Waveline for roughness and contour measurement

Gageline for dimensional, pneumatic measurements

Opticline for non-contact measurement of complex workpieces

HOMMEL ETAMIC is the brand for industrial metrology, combining more than 100 years of experience in high-precision production metrology. HOMMEL ETAMIC originated from the Hommelwerke, founded in 1876, and from the French metrology company ETAMIC, founded in 1947. Hommelwerke has belonged to Jenoptik since 2000, and Etamic since 2007. Both companies were merged within the Jenoptik Group.

The Jenoptik Group has announced its 1st quarter financial results which included its non-photonic portfolio companies which includes HOMMEL ETAMIC:

The predominantly automotive-centric Non-Photonic Portfolio Companies – HOMMEL ETAMIC, Prodomax, and INTEROB – generated 29.7 million euros of revenue from January through March 2022 (prior year: 30.3 million euros). The Automation unit in North America saw strong growth. Over the reporting period, EBITDA came to minus 3.3 million euros (prior year: minus 3.0 million euros), while the EBITDA margin fell to minus 11.0 percent (prior year: minus 9.8 percent). Set against the strong prior-year figure – which included several orders for automation business in North America of over 40 million US dollars – the order intake fell to 37.9 million euros (prior year: 54.3 million euros). The order backlog increased from 58.9 million euros at year-end 2021 to 65.9 million euros.

Picture: Jenoptik President & CEO Dr. Stefan Traeger (right) and Jan Vogt, managing director of JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology GmbH, at the HOMMEL ETAMIC brand launch at the Control trade fair in Stuttgart.

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