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Holographic Display to Provide a Complete 3D Experience

VividQ has announced that it has closed a new funding round of £11M ($15.1M) to establish its vision for the future of displays with Computer-Generated Holography. This round is led by Innovation Platform (IPC) from the University of Tokyo, who are joined by Foresight Williams Technology, a joint collaboration between Foresight Group and Williams Advanced Engineering, Japanese Miyako Capital, Austrian APEX Ventures and Silicon Valley’s R42 Group. To date, VividQ has secured over £17M in equity funding.

Since 2017, VividQ has made cutting-edge developments that achieve real-time Computer-Generated Holography and address many failings of 3D displays and today’s Augmented Reality (AR) devices. VividQ commented that “we are very lucky to have enjoyed another successful and productive year, despite the turbulent and uncertain times for many. Our technology and products have advanced considerably and we worked with a number of industry-leading partners including Arm, demonstrating mobile holographic display for the first time, Compound Photonics, Himax Technologies, and iView Displays amongst others.”

The new investment will enable VividQ to expand its teams, and access new customers by scaling operations in the US and the APAC region.

The funding will also advance the adoption of VividQ’s solutions for Computer-Generated Holography across three key applications. Towards the end of 2021, VividQ will showcase a holographic HUD demo to automotive OEMs, and its latest generation AR headset concept, with vastly improved image quality and user experience. By 2022 VividQ plans to unveil the ‘HoloLCD’ – a laptop scale holographic display using standard LCD panels in combination with VividQ’s clever innovations, to give a complete three-dimensional experience, with no need for glasses.

Darran Milne, Co-Founder and CEO of VividQ, commented, “Scenes we know from films, from Iron Man to Star Trek, are becoming closer to reality than ever. Our team has taken the technology that used to require immense amounts of computing power and found solutions to implement Computer-Generated Holography across consumer electronics. This new investment allows us to complete the next, critical phase of implementation projects and supports further innovation efforts to bring holography to new display applications. We’re incredibly excited to see what’s next with our customers.”

As part of the funding round, we are thrilled to receive the endorsement from one of the founding fathers of the Cambridge-based Silicon Fen Dr Hermann Hauser who shared: “Computer-Generated Holography recreates immersive projections that possess the same 3D information as the world around us. VividQ has the potential to change how humans interact with digital information.”

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