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High Speed Production Scanner Offers 69 Laser Lines

The recent launch of the MetraSCAN 3D-R laser multi-line scanner by Creaform pushes 3D scanning boundaries for production part measurement applications to new levels enabling the measurement of hundreds of parts per day. Perfect for at-line inspection in mass production,  MetraSCAN 3D-R brings quality control as close to the part manufacturing as possible.

The latest Creaform blue line laser scanner offers 69 laser lines providing up to 3 million measurement points per second and offering fast measurement speeds regardless of surfaces, trims, and geometric features.

Accuracy and Resolution

With metrology-grade accuracy, repeatability, and resolution, the MetraSCAN 3D-R delivers high-quality results, whether on surfaces, trims or geometric features. The MetraSCAN 3D-R is free from rigid measurement setups, making it a 3D scanner engineered for industrial automation in shop-floor conditions. Seanlessly integrated with the Creaform C‑Track optical tracker allowing dynamic referencing, both the 3D scanner and the part can move during inspection maintaining part alignment as well as measurement accuracy and reliability.

Shop-floor accuracy with dynamic referencing is stated as 0.078 mm (0.0031 in) regardless of instabilities, vibrations, and thermal variations with a volumetric accuracy of 0.078 mm (0.0031 in) with 0.015 mm (0.0006 in) resolution (based on VDI/VDE 2634 part 3 standard in a ISO 17025 accredited laboratory).

Combining the power of optical and blue laser technologies, the MetraSCAN 3D-R has the capability to generate highly efficient 3D scans on shiny surfaces or on objects with variations in reflectivity as well as measure various part sizes and different surface geometries.

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