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Hermetically-Sealed Sensors Accept Long Cable Runs For Process Control and Factory Automation Applications

NewTek Sensor Solutions has announced its Hermetically-Sealed 4-20mA sensors now accept long cables for process control and factory automation applications when standard lengths cannot reach distant control rooms, signal conditioners, PLCs and/or data loggers. The robust analog 4-20mA current loop output enables the use of longer cables from a sensor to a control system without electromagnetic interference or noise interrupting the signal and operation of associated equipment. The current does not degrade over long connections like voltage.  Recalibration to correct for voltage drop due to cabling impedance is also unnecessary.

As sensor cables transmit data and signals from a transducer to control units, they must be resistant to outside elements. NewTek offers heavy duty, industrial shielded cable with resistance to noise, vibration, moisture and spills. Available in custom lengths up to 100 feet, cables carry a 4-20 mA signal are less vulnerable to outside movement and noisy environments typical of packaging and assembly lines.  Users can also use their own cable assemblies in lengths up to 1000 feet or more.  The sensor can be placed on the manufacturing floor with cable running to the control room to provide output.

Factory-made for a connector to plug directly into the LVDT, cable assemblies can be quickly connected and disconnected for installation, maintenance, or refurbishment.  One end of the cable assembly is the mating plug with a rugged shell.  The cable terminates with flying leads that are easily connected to a PLC, signal processing equipment, or an LVDT signal conditioner.

Newtek’s Hermetically Sealed 4-20 mA LVDTs are rugged sensors that ensure highly reliable and consistent data output for factory automation, materials testing and packaging equipment applications. Units offer excellent linearity, high resolution and superior reliability under various industrial manufacturing conditions.

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